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Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by SpyKi, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. Sean Murphy

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    I feel like I spent way more time doing side quests/shrine quests than regular main story work in BoTW honestly
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  2. Greg

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    Gimme gimme gimme!
  3. zigbigwig

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    a BotW sequel is exactly what I wanted as a next major zelda game. feel like they have still lots of stuff to improve on like enemy variety, dungeons, etc and now that they have the foundation down with the first game they can focus on the other areas
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  4. Doomsday

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    I bet they'll do like a dark world for BoTW
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  5. Signifire

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    I’m all for a BoTW 2 esque game
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  6. tvck

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  7. delvec19


    Welp looks like I gotta buy a Switch at some point. Prob won't be out until 2021 though.
  8. Henry

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    I have little interest in a retread. I need some meat to a sequel.
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  9. airik625

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    Any chance they make it co-op? Started wondering when we saw Link and Zelda together.
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  10. Youarcade

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    Hopefully has better story and sidequests that actually mean something
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  11. DickyCullz

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    I really need to finish BotW
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  12. Greg

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    I would say it highly likely. They have been wanting to do multiplayer Zelda for a hot minute.
  13. Sean Murphy

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    I'd wouldn't say the side quests didn't mean anything, sure you can complete the game without doing most of the shrine quests, but completing the shrines makes gameplay easier since it's the only way to get increased hearts and stamina. I get the basis of your point but I don't think i'd call most of it meaningless.
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  14. Youarcade

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    I didn't mean the Shrines
  15. SteveLikesMusic

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    Fuck yessssssss
  16. Kyle Max

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    Even though some of the shrines were dull, I had a blast trying to find them all.
  17. Greg

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    Zelda has short hair. Fuck yea!

    Unless she is still 17. Then, hey, that’s cute.
  18. oakhurst


    I'm expecting a Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 release.
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  19. Sean Murphy

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    I wouldnt be surprised if we saw it sooner than 2021 but im also fiiiine if they wanna take their time
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  20. oakhurst


    I'm kind of surprised they didn't even give a title. We knew the title for BotW a year before its release and I don't see this game taking until the Fall of 2021 to come out.
  21. Marx&Recreation


    I would love a game where Zelda is basically a support character, like she’s important to the plot but is still around and isn’t the final goal or anything
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  22. oakhurst


    From the trailer today I feel like that's an actual possibility
  23. AndrewSoup

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    i'm so fuckin hype. wonder how far along in development they are. i really hope we get a short turnaround time for this one! if they can put Majora out a year after Ocarina they can put out a BotW sequel in a comparable amount of time!
  24. White

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    Unless the age of consent in Hyrule is <18. Then fuck yeah [2].
  25. Kyle Max

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    Since they’re not designing everything from the ground up, maybe the process is quicker? Still think we’re at least 18 months out.