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The Killers Talk With Entertainment Weekly

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 26, 2017.

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    The Killers sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about their new album, Wonderful Wonderful:

    While the band was trying to push their sound forward, they also started looking back. In the fall of 2016, they celebrated the 10th anniversary of their second album, Sam’s Town, with a pair of shows. “Playing those gigs, I realized how cohesive an idea [Sam’s Town] was,” Flowers says. “That reminded us that we really want to make a record here, not just slap a bunch of songs together…. I think we’ve done it again on this album. It’s the closest thing we’ve done to Sam’s Town.”

  2. adleon18


    I haven´t been this excited for an album release in a while and if they say it is the closest thing they have done to Sam´s Town, I AM SO IN!!
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  3. Honeymagnolia

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    Sam's Town is probably my favourite Killers album so looking forward to this.
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  4. Connor

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    I love the Killers but haven't loved anything since Sams Town. I am here for this!
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  5. Serenity Now

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    After reading this article, i'm quite excited for this release as well.

    I loved all Killers releases up until Battle born. Big fan of Flowers' second solo record too. But Sam's Town is my favorite thing that Brand Flowers has done.
  6. DisloyalOrder

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    This reads as if Brandon is saying this record will be as close to cohesive as Sam's Town is. I wouldn't necessarily assume it's going to sound like it.
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