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The Junior Varsity Announce Reunion Tour

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 1, 2016.

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    The Junior Varsity have announced some reunion tour dates. You’ll find those below.

    9/1 – Bloomington IL – The Castle Theatre
    9/2 – Chicago IL – Beat Kitchen
    9/3 – Springfield IL – Boondocks
    9/4 – St. Louis MO – The Firebird
    The Junior Varsity

  2. stuckinvhs

    Social Justice Wizard Prestigious

    Hopefully more is to come. Use to love them.
  3. Craig Ismaili

    @tgscraig Prestigious

    It's cool to see them back. I really loved Wide Eyed and liked parts of Cinematographic. Would love to see a reunion tour of staples from this era of Victory Records emo:

    The Forecast
    The Junior Varsity
    The Audition (I don't know if they're actually dead but I haven't heard from them in a while)
    The Sleeping
    and June
  4. Anthony_

    A (Cancelled) Dork Prestigious

    June was the best and one of my favorites from that era. So underrated. Make It Blur was such a great album.
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  5. Awesome! Hope they announcement more dates. Glad to see something came of this since they teased us like a year or 2 ago!
  6. emt0853

    Trusted Supporter

    So sad I won't be in town for that.
  7. SweetThye


    The Sleeping >>>>>>>>>>>
  8. Stage Banter

    A music review podcast.

    Love this band. I submitted this story after I was poking around their social media page. Would love me some Wide Eyed on vinyl. Surprised Victory hasn't just put out their back catalogue roster at this point.
  9. St. Nate

    GOATlahoman Son Prestigious

    Well that's a name I haven't heard in forever.

  10. billyboatman

    Just call me Billium

    Cool, never got to see them live, probably never will. But that would be cool.

    Cinematographic was an awesome album.
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  11. heymynameisjoe

    when the days have no numbers Prestigious

    mad for medusa is a jam and a half
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  12. cherrywaves


    Damn, Wide Eyed is a classic for me
  13. stuckinvhs

    Social Justice Wizard Prestigious

    It's criminal how much this band is underrated.
  14. joshuaharris


    Wonderful! I will be at the Saint Louis show, for sure.
  15. slickdtc

    Regular Supporter

    Same. I always feel like this band only existed to me because they never get mentioned. Wide Eyed hit me at the right time and the right place and it's still my go to for when I'm feeling a certain way.

    Seeing this news, even if I won't be traveling out there, is blowing me away. People apparently do care enough for them to come back for a run of shows. That's cool to hear.
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  16. emt0853

    Trusted Supporter

    Park will be playing in Springfield and St. Louis.

    What an awesome time that would be.
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  17. Stage Banter

    A music review podcast.

    I saw that! Thinking about making the 5 hour drive from Milwaukee to it. Park was supposed to be working on a new full length but it's been pretty silent from their camp.
  18. emt0853

    Trusted Supporter

    Closest one for me will be Bloomington (and at the last place I saw them)...but I'll be in MN to do my kidney transplant work up. I asked the band about a possible live stream. That'd be pretty sweet.
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  19. Stage Banter

    A music review podcast.

    Bummer! Good luck on the transplant though!

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  20. emt0853

    Trusted Supporter

    Tomorrow: another support announcement