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The Juliana Theory Sign With Equal Vision Records

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 20, 2020.

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    The Juliana Theory have signed with Equal Vision Records and released the new song “Can’t Go Home.”

    The Juliana Theory have returned with new song and video “Can’t Go Home” - their first new music in over 15 years - today, November 20th via a new partnership with Equal Vision Records. Listen to the track now via your preferred listening service and check out the video here! 
    "I think people are feeling uncertain right now,” said songwriter and vocalist Brett Detar. “I'd say that it's pretty impossible not to feel that way. As humans I imagine we've always innately known that there's no way to turn back the hands of time to simpler days but 2020 has fed us all an uncomfortably large dose of unfamiliarity – ‘wayward stranger days.’ Is this uncertainty a new normal? I'm not sure but I've always used music as a coping mechanism and I think this year I've needed it more than at any other point in my life. Many of us are feeling isolated and removed. Joyous collective experiences like live music shows are gone for the foreseeable future along with many of the other communal ways we come together as humans. Longing for that cathartic sense of collective unity one only gets from a gathering of people, we tried our best to capture the sound and feeling of a large group of people singing a simple melody together in unison in the chorus.”
    “Making new Juliana Theory music was not really something I thought would ever happen again.  If you had asked me 5 or 6 years ago if the band would ever make new music I would have emphatically said ‘no,’” Detar continues. “But in 2019 lead guitarist and founding member Josh Fiedler and I were asked out of the blue to do a 30-show acoustic tour playing our old songs in a way we never had before.” Thanks to good timing in between films (Detar is now an accomplished composer for film including The Devil Inside and Brahms: The Boy II), the duo, who met in a high school guitar class, decided to give the acoustic tour a shot even though their closeness had waned over the band’s hiatus. “Much to my delight the tour ended up being one of the most enjoyable things either of us had done in years. We truly had a great time hanging out and performing together and got along perfectly. If anything, I'd say the time we shared gave us each a new-found respect for one another both as musicians and more importantly as humans. Continuing to make music together after the tour ended just felt right – almost like coming home in a way.”
    The Juliana Theory rose through Western Pennsylvania’s post-hardcore scene of the late 90s and early 00s and went on to become one of the most highly cited influences for the next generation of alternative artists. Always willing to push the boundaries, the band unabashedly mixed their punk rock and pop influences into a sound well ahead of their time. “It’s truly an honor to be a part of the team as The Juliana Theory write their next chapter,” Equal Vision’s Dan Sandshaw said. “‘Can’t Go Home’ feels modern, yet somehow familiar. This is such an important song for the soundtrack of 2020.” 
    “Can’t Go Home” is written by Brett Detar and long-time collaborator Benjamin Romans (LP, Carly Rae Jepsen) and co-produced by Courtney Ballard (Jessie J), Benjamin Romans, and Brett Detar and marks a new era for the band. “The Juliana Theory never did shy away from changing our sonic identity from release to release but the emotional core of our songs has always remained the same.  At no point have we ever wanted to repeat ourselves and retread the same worn out territory and try and fail at recreating a past era of the band,” said Detar. “I like to think this is exactly what The Juliana Theory in 2020 should sound like."  

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  2. Former Planets

    Aaaachem! Supporter

    If I didn't know this was them, I would never have been able to tell. Not a bad song, but not for me.
  3. Mr. Serotonin

    I'm still staring down the sun Prestigious

    I thought it was great. Never thought I’d be seeing their name pop up haha. Awesome.
  4. All Systems Goku


    I’m so happy. I loved them and I’m so glad they are making moves.
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  5. skoopy


    15 years later they definitely don’t have to stick to their guns whatsoever but this is a bit too close to Walgreens music for me.
  6. xburningcoffin


    They’re looking to get paid, I’m happy that they will be able to make money off their music but I will not be listening to this, ever again (by choice). I’m sure it will be played in some way that will be annoying to be around.
  7. IbanezRX


    Makes me so sad when bands that had such an impact on my life go for the sellout pop route
  8. withchappedlips


    i mean... i guess? i feel like being 40 years old and releasing music through equal vision is hardly selling out. i hope i'm wrong, though. this song was pretty cool and they deserve whatever success could potentially come from this. i just can't think of a band in the last half a decade to leave equal vision and get huge. last band i can think of is like... pierce the veil?
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  9. Leftandleaving

    I will be okay. everything Supporter

    not sure I'd call this selling out - I'd just call it bad
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  10. TrailerParkJesus


    Thank God this was surprise released because I would have been devastated. I've been a fan for 20 years, and this is not TJT. If this is what Brett wants to sound like now, that's fine, but go by a different name. This sounds like Imagine Dragons bs. Seems like a cash grab, relying on the TJT name for momentum, but going for the radio alt rock sound. I cant say I'm surprised, not like they haven't done this before. I was so excited for their future after seeing their vibe on their acoustic tour, but this is not what I was expecting at all... again, its fine for musicians to naturally grow and mature, but this is just bringing a name back from the dead to kickstart a totally new and different entity.
  11. TerrancePryor Prestigious

    I would often make fun of Love, but I'd rather have 100 more Love albums instead of those first 30 seconds of "Can't Go Home."
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  12. JamesMichael

    Developer Prestigious

    I agree with what others have said that this should have been a different name/project.
  13. Jacktheskipper


    I'm not sure how to feel about this new song, it's def not for me ... I really love this band and this gives me hope to see them play shows and I keep my fingers crossed, this is not an indication of all the new music to come. If it is, I hope they find an audience appreciating it and they find success, cause they really deserve it. Either way: Glad they're back.

    Ooooh and don't forget to listen to the new Chamberlain record everyone!
  14. This was...interesting?
  15. rbf737


    I was thinking everyone was overreacting before I heard the song. Yeah this isn't The Juliana Theory. Nothing wrong with the song itself and I wouldn't mind it on its own; it's only offensive because he's releasing it under the TJT moniker.

    His to do with as he likes but I think it's a bad move and clearly comes across as a cash grab when you change the sound so drastically to this mainstream cookie cutter, gang vocal, digital beat sounding song after so long being away.

    Best of luck to him/them but imagine going to a show and them doing August in Bethany then this in the setlist.
  16. bradsonemanband

    Prestigious Supporter

    i kinda like it!
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