The iOS 13 Bible

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    Federico Viticci’s incredibly detailed review of iOS 13 was released today:

    Amidst a deluge of new features and design updates, iOS 13, more than its predecessors, makes clear that Apple doesn’t consider iOS just an operating system anymore: it’s the platform upon which the company can build other experiences. In a way, the modern iOS is to Apple devices what Mac OS X was to the original iPhone: a stable technological foundation, ready to be taken in new directions.

    No one is writing more in-depth and helpful reviews of iOS and iPadOS these days. And I don’t say that just because there’s some really good bookmarks and screen shots in the Safari section.

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    @Jason Tate you are HEAVILY featured in the Safari section! That’s awesome.
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    I read through these reviews every time a new iOS is released and it’s my favorite way to spend/waste a day