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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by ChaseTx, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. Kiana

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    Browsing bed and mattress sales like an adult. I just spent the same on this bed and mattress in my cart as I did on xtina tickets therefore I probably cannot afford the bed and mattress so I have failed at adulthood until I can prioritize correctly oop.
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  2. colorlesscliche

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    Man, slowly buying furniture for the new house. I just spent $2,900 on two night stands, a dresser, and a mirror. This is going to be fun. :sly:
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  3. ncarrab


    When we bought our house we had to buy all new appliances too (refrigerator, oven, dishwasher) and then yeah, furnish the entire thing. Between that and furniture, We spent like $10k before even moving in. Not fun.
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  4. colorlesscliche

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    I have a spreadsheet, and I'm already at $9,939.43.

    This doesn't include my kids room, any kitchenware (plates, silverware, drinkware, etc.), the dining room, and just misc. house decor.
  5. neeks

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    We did this three years ago when we bought a condo. All new furniture.

    We bought a house two months ago and are getting ready to move in after renos are done and now none of our "condo size" furniture is going to fit in our "regular size" house.
  6. ncarrab


    I also keep a spreadsheet of every dime I've spent upgrading our house, haha. I'm not counting furniture, obviously, but like finishing our basement, painting, carpeting our upstairs, flooring our kitchen, living room, etc. I'm over $35K in just under 5 years for stuff like that.

    I figure it'll be good to know for when we eventually try and sell.
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  7. colorlesscliche

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    Yep, I will be doing this as well. The furnishing one I'm doing now for insurance reasons, if anything bad were to happen. Also if I go to move or sell things, I have a list of price paid, links, date bought, etc. Hopefully it'll all help in the future.
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