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The Hot Sauce Thread • Page 21

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Anthony_, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. Anthony_

    A Dork Prestigious

    Season 8 Lineup Reveal
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  2. Anthony_

    A Dork Prestigious

    The Torchbearer Garlic Reaper is an immediate want from me, sounds delicious and I love all their sauces that I've had.
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  3. dash64

    This is my design

    Same here, might have to order that one.
  4. Anthony_

    A Dork Prestigious

    For anyone that doesn't already know, Amazon usually carries a lot of the sauces they feature on Hot Ones, so check there first, but if all else fails you can always find the current season's sauces (and lots of other amazing sauces) here:

    HEATONIST | Purveyors of Fine Hot Sauces
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  5. dash64

    This is my design

    I was looking at a few of those on Heatonist and was wondering which ones you've tried.
  6. Anthony_

    A Dork Prestigious

    Of this lineup, I've only had The Classic, Los Calientes, and Da Bomb. I've also had the original Last Dab, which is delicious, but haven't tried the new Last Dab Reduxx yet. The Classic is really incredible, it's amazing what they were able to do with such a mild spice level. Los Calientes is most comparable to something like Secret Aardvark, in both flavor and consistency, but honestly as crazy as it sounds I might like Los Calientes even better than Aardvark. Da Bomb tastes like motor oil and I would not recommend it.

    I've had sauces from Adoboloco and Torchbearer before and they make great product, so I would definitely feel comfortable trying both of the ones they have in this lineup.
  7. Fucking Dustin

    I'll roll along again today Supporter

    I made an order a couple months ago of Torchbearer Zombie Apocalypse, Secret Aardvark, Assam, and Small Axe Peppers Habanero Mango, and all 4 are/were phenomenal

    Will probably try Fire Water and Garlic Reaper next
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  8. Joe4th

    Memories are nice, but that's all they are. Prestigious

    Secret Aardvark is still my favorite.

    Really want to try the Garlic Reaper.
  9. Fucking Dustin

    I'll roll along again today Supporter

    I think the Habanero Mango is my favorite so far, it's the one I imagine myself using the most.

    Zombie Apocalypse and Secret Aardvark are tied for 2nd

    Assam rules but it's just not versatile enough. But seriously if you cut up some peppers and cook some chicken thighs, mix em with a bottle of Assam and a can of coconut milk, and serve with rice, it's AMAZING (we did this but didn't have enough stuff to make rice funny enough, was still amazing but was hot as hell)
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  10. Fucking Dustin

    I'll roll along again today Supporter

    Oh nice apparently Last Dab Reduxx just got restocked through Heatonist

    Ordered a bottle of that + more Aardvark + more Assam for now
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  11. SEANoftheDEAD Jan 17, 2019
    (Last edited: Jan 17, 2019)


    Most def ordering that garlic reaper. One of my personal faves recently is Dirty Dick's. Seriously amazing sauce.

    Edit: So the Garlic Reaper isn't even on Torchbearer's site for sale (as of right now). Heatonist has it, but for 1 bottle plus shipping it's $22. Gonna hold off for now.

    But wouldn't be surprised if I end up drunk ordering it this weekend lol.
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  12. SEANoftheDEAD


    If you have a Trader Joe's near you, check this sauce out! It's only $3, great taste and packs a punch.
  13. ChiliTacos

    Trusted Prestigious

    @SEANoftheDEAD I love that sauce. For the price it can't be beat. My go-to for that one is definitely soups. I make this baked potato soup and a bit of that sauce just makes it so much more rich and warm.
  14. SEANoftheDEAD


    Yeah, it's a fantastic sauce and for the price it definitely can't be beat. That sounds amazing. I put some in my chicken chili over the weekend and it was phenomenal.
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  15. coleslawed

    Eat Pizza

    gonna need that garlic reaper.
  16. DickyCullz

    Doesn’t have Ashley Madison

    Purchased a bottle based on this post and can confirm its great
  17. neo506

    Easy Tiger Prestigious

    Also grab Green Dragon at Trader Joe's. Not really that hot but has great flavor

  18. estebanwaseaten


    fuego box renewed. will update once i receive it.
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  19. OotyPa


    TJ’s has it all.
  20. estebanwaseaten


    i just finished off my green dragon a couple of days ago.

    today is gordon on hot ones!

    anyone had any Hotter Than El?
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  21. Ken

    Entrusted Prestigious

    Yes, I'm so ready for Gordon Ramsay on Hot Ones today.
  22. Anthony_

    A Dork Prestigious

    Never have, but just from looking at their website it looks like they have some good stuff. Would like to try that Scorpion Sting sauce, and the 24K Gold Habanero sauce. I think scorpion peppers and habaneros have the best flavor of all hot sauce peppers, personally, so those are right up my alley.
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  23. Fucking Dustin

    I'll roll along again today Supporter

    Last Dab was pretty good, definitely has some good heat to it. Not sure how much I'll actually use it on haha.
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  24. estebanwaseaten


    the 24k is very very good. i first got it in a fuego box a while back and it prompted me to check out their other stuff. i havent had the scorpion but ive had purple haze, ghost, duke's cold nose brown ale, and one of their limited batches (think it was a datil pepper sauce). i really wanna try the scorpion, reapers revenge and that new love burns sauce.
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  25. BlueEyesBrewing


    What a great episode. Gordon's funnier than most of the comedians on the show
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