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    Oh wow I actually saw this in a meme video yesterday and now it makes so much more sense.
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    what the hell is happening in here today?! haha
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    That’s the video I saw and didn’t understand at first haha.
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  6. I saw Ma tonight and I can’t believe that it’s a real movie that actual humans made
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    Is it like that Serenity movie level of bananas or something?
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    Not even close to as batshit crazy Serenity was.
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    Seeing Ma tomorrow. The mixed reactions only have me more excited to experience it for myself.
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  11. if nothing else it sure was entertaining
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    Cult of Chucky fucking ruled
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    I was cackling throughout Ma. Very fun movie if you have a good crowd.
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  14. One guy in my theatre had the best laugh he honestly made the experience better
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    I have a distinctive laugh and I’m always afraid people hate it, lol. It did mean I could pick myself out in an Eddie Izzard special though.
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  16. Just saw Brightburn. I thought it was okay. And then "Bad Guy" by Billie Eilish started playing. Really cheapened the whole movie for me. It cemented the feeling I got that the movie was trying too hard to be edgy. It's like they really pushed the language and gore to make sure it got that R rating.

    I wish the movie had taken its time to establish the atmosphere of the location and explore the emotional aspect of what the family was going through. It should've combined the narrative tropes of the superhero genre with the stylistic conventions of the horror genre, not the other way around.

    I thought the people in the audience who were laughing at random parts throughout were being really inappropriate. At first. Somewhere along the way the movie stopped taking itself seriously. On top of everything else the movie was trying to do, it had this sort of campiness that felt half-assed and really out of place.

    I loved the idea of the whole Man-of-Steel-gone-awry. This movie had so much going for it conceptually. The execution just fell flat, on all fronts. Man of Steel is more visually stunning, A Quiet Place is more emotional, Hereditary is more hauntingly scary, and Cabin in the Woods is more satisfyingly self-aware.
  17. Green Room was fantastic
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    The only take on Green Room that's valid
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  19. The Blackcoat's Daughter was also fantastic. Good weekend with horror for me.
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    Went record shopping today and bought a bunch of soundtracks, so here are the ones relevant to this thread. Top left is the original Twin Peaks series.

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    I have this same thought with a majority of recent horror movies I watch. Then I realize these people probably make $100k salary (on the low end) to come up with this garbage. It's reallllyyyyy hard to find GOOD, SOLID mainstream horror movies nowadays.
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    I have fallen asleep several times trying to finish Slasher S3. Most definitely the weakest entry in the series. If they brought somebody big in though that can work on the script and screenplay the show could be phenomenal imo.
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    The Terror is definitely giving me what I want right now. About halfway done now. I’m super intrigued by the premise of the second season too.
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    Just watched The Endless. Really enjoyed it, though feel like it was sold as a horror film when it felt more like a sci fi thriller.