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  1. I've always liked Movies With Mikey's video essay about it.

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    Their deconstruction and subversion of the archetypal characters was genius and the Richard Jenkins/Bradley Whitford combo is one of the funniest things in horror ever. The ending was pretty phenomenal too, especially with the brilliant bit of casting they pulled out. Honestly it’s one of the best of the decade if not the century and just a stone cold classic.
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    I'd definitely watch Scream! I was worried going into it because of all the hype and esteem it has (which might have been the problem with CITW), but its status is totally justified.
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    And whoops ass makes as much sense as kicks ass but whoops is a funnier word.
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    OHH okay, once you put it that way it makes more sense.
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    Imagine if they would have gotten the original actor they wanted.
    Jaime Lee Curtis
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    Just here to say that Scream is one of the best films of all time like not just best horror films but best films don't @ me!!!! Holds up so fantastic I just love it. Scream and Nightmare on Elm St are perfect horror movies and movies in general to me.
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    Child's Play 2 tonight! The first one held up incredibly well. Brad Dourif is so great.
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    Best film of that series IMO
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    Child’s Play 3 is almost just as fun as the second. I like them both more than the original
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    Stop. what you are doing and watch it
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    Featuring Jenny Agutter who was in another horror classic, An American Werewolf in London
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    Damn. Looked her up and she is in the news for not good reasons
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    Yikes, just looked that up
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    Scream is forever one of the best horror movies ever. I don't think I can credit any actress in horror as being as believable/impressionable as Neve Campbell in the role of Sydney Prescott. You would think JLC would be my first, but she's actually pretty minor in the grand scheme of the Halloween movies (at least the first two).
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    Has anyone seen it? Someone let me know if it's worth the watch, haha
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  22. Joe Jan 9, 2019
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    Just watched The Hive. Pretty interesting movie. Definitely an original movie, can’t think of anything much to compare it to at all. It has some sporadically cheesy dialogue, but overall it’s pretty well done. I’d definitely recommend it. Love to hear what you guys have to say about it.
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    Ohhhh that’s on Prime. I’ll watch it this weekend and report back. Cover looks gnarly.
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    is anyone else stoked on the resident evil 2 remake coming out later this month? the original ps1 games were HUGE for me growing up and ive followed all of the main story games ever since (well, with the exception of 6).
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