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The Horror Thread [Archived] Movie • Page 11

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Melody Bot, Jan 11, 2016.

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  1. Malatesta

    i may get better but we won't ever get well Prestigious

    so bad, among the laziest of the j-horror remakes (unless you're talking about the original, which i dont think i've seen but the originals are consistently better than the remakes except, i would argue, The Ring is comparable)
  2. ChaseTx

    Nuke the site from orbit. The only way to be sure Prestigious

    The original is pretty similar to the remake. They got the director of the Japanese film and pretty much inserted a few American characters into the existing backstory
  3. Malatesta

    i may get better but we won't ever get well Prestigious

    alright guys i found an obscure japanese horror manga i really want to read and very little of this author's work has been translated professionally or by fans. who knows japanese and wants to help me out
  4. AelNire

    @RiotGrlErin Prestigious

    I Saw the Devil is my favorite horror movie..what should I watch right now?
  5. DarkHotline

    After My Jailbreak, I’ll Forget About You Prestigious

    Asia has put out some of the best horror films in the last 20 years. Not much else to add to that, just figured I'd say it.
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  6. screamoutmyname

    are we having fun yet?

    He Never Died was pretty entertaining. it's cool to see Henry Rollins in a more serious role than Wrong Turn 2.
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  7. drstrong

    I'm Back.

    Anyone a fan of extreme torture porn flicks? American Guinea Pig is something I'm tempted to check out but somewhat hesitant.
  8. Letterbomb31

    Trusted Prestigious

    I rewatched Dawn of the Dead (2004) last night, such a fun movie imo. I also realised that I really enjoy 3 Zack Snyder movies, does that make me a fanboy?
  9. OotyPa

    fall away

    You guys ever see the sequels/follow-ups to Suspiria? I was considering it
  10. Not really a horror, but you might like The Man From Nowhere.
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  11. wisdomfordebris

    Trusted Prestigious

    i really need more stuff in the vein of terrorvision
  12. wisdomfordebris Apr 13, 2016
    (Last edited: Apr 13, 2016)

    Trusted Prestigious

    I am watching Dolls, a horror movie I absolutely loved in fourth or fifth grade. It is every bit as good as I remember. Watch this one.
  13. adammmmm

    serpent is lord Prestigious

    if you mean Inferno and Mother of Tears, the former is terrific and the latter is one of the worst movies i've seen recently
  14. OhTheWater

    Let it run Supporter

    Texas Chainsaw 2?
    Meet the Applegates
  15. Hush was pretty decent. Good performances from the two lead actors.
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  16. drstrong

    I'm Back.

    Anyone know of a good site to pull sound clips from horror movies? I need some stuff for bumpers and a possible intro...trying to go kind of deep and not include the biggies from the 70's and 80's.
  17. adammmmm

    serpent is lord Prestigious

    I liked Hush but it very much feels like a minor work from Flanagan. still good though.
  18. estebanwaseaten


    watched Hush last night. enjoyed it but echo what's already been said about it. however, i thought the scene with her talking to herself about all the possible outcomes and resolutions of her actions without fighting was really coolI will continue to be excited about anything Flanagan does
  19. A Flirting Time


    yeah, Hush is clearly a fun passion project and you can feel it. though you can't help but be a bit underwhelmed by its limitations as a quickshot spur-of-the-moment movie.

    Flanagan shines in the moments when spacial specificity is paramount to where the opponents are more concentrated on their own physical objectives than the execution of their goal. The final scene between the mirror and Karen Gillan's character in Oculus and what each of them win/lose or in Hush when the two square off in the bathroom (resulting in the film's showiest scene).
  20. Vivatoto

    Looking back I'm just as bad as you Prestigious

    Flanagan needs to stop fucking around and make Geralds Game already.
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  21. screamoutmyname

    are we having fun yet?

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  22. StevenW92


    I saw The Boy last night. Thought it was awful for the most part. However I really enjoyed all that happened after Frahms climbed out the wall. Turned in to a pretty good thriller after that.
  23. wisdomfordebris

    Trusted Prestigious

    The last five minutes of Frankenhooker is probably the best thing I've ever seen.
  24. ChrisCantWrite

    Trusted Prestigious

    The Invitation is absolutely jaw dropping. Loved it!
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  25. Cameron

    FKA nowFace Prestigious

    Loved Hush. Was honestly kinda disappointed in Oculus after seeing Absentia, but he did a great job with this one.
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