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The Horror Thread 2U

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Henry, Oct 25, 2020.

  1. Henry Oct 25, 2020
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    Horror news at Bloody Disgusting

    Feel free to send me horror recs and reviews and I'll update the first post of the thread. I'll handle any of the links.

    The Lighthouse (2019) - The Lighthouse is a slow-burning two hour descent into madness. It’s a gritty film that will make you feel claustrophobic. It will leave you with more questions than answers, but make no mistake - above all it is a serious powerhouse work of cinema. It plays like a symphony of madness, crescendoing to a crashing climax that ends strong. The left-right combo of Dafoe & Pattinson make the movie work in a showmanship of two sole actors feeding off of each other to carry a film on this level. This is one of the boldest films of 2019 that takes some heavy risks that I felt paid off. -Full Effect Ed
    Streaming on Amazon Prime

    Dr. Giggles (1992) - One of the better slasher films of the 90s. Larry Drake (RIP) knocks it out of the part as the titular character, who slashes his way through the film while delivering the best one liners a doctor could ask for. It’s pun city up in this film and I’m here for it! The kills play off of various doctor puns & for the most part are cleverly executed. If you’re looking for a goofy comedy to watch but have already watched the Evil Dead films or TCM 2 one too many times, then seriously consider Dr. Giggles (and call me in the morning). -Full Effect Ed
    Available for rent on Amazon

    The Fog (1980) - John Carpenter's The Fog was a recent watch for me, and by the end when credits started to roll, it instantly became one of my favorites in the genre (and in general). Adrienne Barbeau steals the show as the charismatic radio DJ, Stevie Wayne. The visual effects and creature design are simple yet effective, which help create the ominous atmosphere throughout the film. This horror classic is a must watch during the witching hour. Do I need to mention Jamie Lee Curtis and Tom Atkins also star in this!? -ghosted away
    Available for rent on Amazon

    Evil Dead (2013) - One of the best horror remakes in existence (going toe to toe with John Carpenter's The Thing), Fede Álvarez's take on Evil Dead removes every ounce of humor and camp the original trilogy possess, and gives the viewer a bleak and relentless ride as you watch Mia and her group of friends go through hell. If you are a fan of copious amounts of blood and gore in horror you won't want to pass this one up. Sam Raimi, the director of the original trilogy, produced the film if you needed another reason to give Evil Dead (2013) a try. -ghosted away
    Streaming via AMC on Amazon

    Raw (2016) - Raw (or Grave) is a unique and compelling story about a young vegetarian woman who heads off to vet school in France where her sister holds residence and where her parents met. Initially reported as being so disgusting it caused many viewers to vomit and walk out upon its initial independent film circuit, it raised many eyebrows and produced a loud buzz in 2016. Once these bloated reactions were stripped away, what audiences found was that this film was simply a coming of age story about young Justine experiencing the world on her own and learning how she fit into it. Backed by a wonderful soundtrack (with an iconic main theme) and a powerful performance by Garance Marillier, Raw provides a cinematic experience that is as bold and visceral as its storytelling. -estebanwaseaten
    Available for rent on Amazon

    You're Next (2011) - For a lot of us 80's and 90's kids, Home Alone was a staple of our youth. Some guys break into a house, and a kid uses his resourcefulness to make them pay. You're Next takes that concept and dials it up to 11. The film features some great comedy and fantastic gore. It'll leave you wanting to set up traps around the house, just in case. - Henry
    Available to rent on Amazon

    Thirst (2009) - Thirst, directed by Park Chan-wook (Oldboy), tells the story of a vampire priest trying to get by without killing. After falling in love, his life is flipped and the horror truly begins. This film has the right amount of everything. There is tons of heart, splashes of comedy, and enough horror to keep everyone engaged. And the end of this movie :chef kiss: Watch this and the rest of Park's movies because they all rule. -Henry
    Available to rent on Amazon

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre part 2 (1986) - The famous poster for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is a direct parody of an iconic film released the prior year: The Breakfast Club. While the film (and poster) became rightfully revered in retrospect, critics and audiences were initially baffled when the sequel to one of most disturbing, influential horror films of all time turned out to be an outright comedy. However, that Breakfast Club poster captures the basic thesis of the film, and one that writer/director Tobe Hooper found was overlooked in the original: "This is supposed to be fun!" Frustrated that people did not see the dark humor in the 1974 original, Hooper went full tilt into 80s slasher excess 12 years later. Literal piles of blood and guts spill from walls. A Vietnam war vet with a metal plate and a taste for scabs beats someone half to death with a hammer. We finally see the titular chainsaw create some on-screen carnage! All soaked under the neon lit sheen of other 80s Canon films, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 serves as the perfect companion to the original classic and treats the audience to unforgettable performances by Bill Mosely and Dennis Hopper. I was initially disappointed when I saw the Arrow cover for TCM 2. I wanted the Breakfast Club! The more I think about it though, the more I like it. TCM 2 cuts through the natural lighting and muted colors of the first film to explicitly show the blood and guts under the surface. -ohthewater
    Streaming on Amazon

    Get Out (2017) - When I saw this film opening night it was one of the best theater experience I've ever had because no one in the theater knew just how good this was going to be. By the time the title card hit everybody was instantly invested and throughout the movie it got rowdier but in the most respectful way because nobody wanted to miss a single moment. It strikes an incredible balance between a fun pop corn horror movie and a movie that can be dissected and analyzed for years to come. If you are new to horror this is a great place to begin, not too bloody/gory/effed up, just great characters and writing, endlessly quotable, and a better look at race and class issues in america then any Oscar bait movie has ever offered. -angel paste
    Rent on Amazon

    Midsommar (2019) - This is a movie with a lot on it's mind, and it will probably leave you with a lot on your mind. Even the people I know who say they hated this movie still talked about it more than any other movie that came out in 2019, so at the very least it's a conversation starter. It's essentially the most classic horror movie premise ever just told in the most original way possible, a story of a bunch of friends going on a trip together to a town full of mysterious people? Sounds like a 100 other horror movies, but you've never seen it acted like this, with art design like this, with shots that evokes something between The Holy Mountain and Wes Anderson, and with a score that deepens what is happening on screen instead of just echoing it. It's as beautiful as it is terrifying and by the end I don't think you will even be able to differentiate the two. -angel paste
    Streaming on Amazon

    Jennifer's Body (2009) - The film is a time capsule taking you back to the days of Myspace and loving weird indie bands that might make a sacrifice for a better career. Due to the inclusion of the Meghan Fox, the reception was poorly received for misogynistic reasoning. At this time, it was popular to hate her for being attractive, being in the biggest blockbusters at the time, and speaking out against Michael Bay. These days individuals look for prestige horror for important social issues, but Jennifer’s Body was offering a fresh take on the revenge sub-genre over ten years ago. Diablo Cody offer the horror world dark and quirky film that can be considered a mix of Mean Girls and Gingersnaps. In 2020, all I am asking is for everyone to look at this film with a new mindset. -contender
    Stream on Amazon via Starz

    Doctor Sleep (2019) - A grown up Danny, recovering from alcoholism, connects with a young girl who also "shines," as she finds herself in the crosshairs of a group of people who, like the monsters at the Overlook, feed on those that shine. I've previously described Mike Flanagan's work as simultaneously horrifying, fascinating, and heartbreaking. Doctor Sleep is the prime example of that. Doctor Sleep is a film adaptation of the sequel to The Shining. Flanagan manages to pay homage to both Stanley Kubrick, the director of the film adaptation of The Shining, and Stephen King, the author of both novels. The cinematography and score take stylistic cues from Kubrick, especially towards the end, while the characters are written with the same love and care King pours into the characters in his work. The film really made me feel for the characters, even the monsters in some moments where they are humanized. Ewan McGregor, Rebecca Ferguson, and newcomer Kyliegh Curran lead a near-perfect cast. -xkaylinh
    Stream on HBOmax

    Detention (2011) - I’m not even 100% sure where to start with Detention. It’s a chaotic ride that blends together so many different genres but does it so seamlessly and the end result is something that almost feels like Scream directed by Edgar Wright overseen by John Hughes. That might turn some people off, but despite being a film that isn’t afraid to show its influences this also manages to feel completely unique and fresh thanks to being a total labor of love from director Joseph Kahn. If you’re into slashers, time travel, or just fun teen comedies this might be up your alley. -Michael Gatto
    Available to rent on Amazon Prime

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    Started to revisit Cabin Fever last night before realizing it was the remake, normally I would’ve just gone with it but wasn’t in the mood. Switched to Evil Dead instead, which I hadn’t seen in years
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