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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by DarkHotline, Mar 31, 2016.

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  2. flask


    hope they put some of these online
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    I need it
  4. Michael Schmidt

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    LDB notes from the first day:
    Rain of Salvation had a good set
    Simulakra was really good
    Life’s Question had a way bigger reaction than I expected
    No Option is fun live
    Hangman had a really good reaction
    Facewreck started their set with an intro that featured the singer rollerblading around the pit
    Definitely my favorite Sanction set. Lots of people were into it
    Bent Life fucked
    Inclination started their set with the lights off and Phil Collins playing. It was lit. Later on, some dude jumped off the speakers and landed on skate ramp. That was not lit.
    Bitter End brought the heat
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  5. flask


    Sounds like a great time.
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  6. Nate_Johnson

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    Facewreck singer on rollerblades and the drummer is the brother of the drummer in Knocked Loose.
  7. Nate_Johnson

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    Members of Harvest and Holding On. New record soon. It’s good to hear Dave again.
  8. Anthony_Soprano

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    Jay Pepito (RGN SUP) dropped some fun info this past week. Not only is he doing vocals for Shai Hulud at Furnace Fest, but he announced a new band he's playing guitar for called Hostile Culture. Their first 4 song EP is up on Bandcamp.

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  9. cherrywaves


    Sounds sick, Simulakra and Life’s Question whip ass

    Idk if it’s because I know more people in real life into this style now, but I feel like hardcore from like 2016/17 and onward has been awesome after a lull after like 2008/9 or so. Constantly finding awesome new bands
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    Definitely feels like stuff has been picking back up over the last couple years
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    everyone on the timeline is talking about Absence of Mine's LDB set. I love them and am dying to see them. @Michael Schmidt did you get to catch their set?
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    Michael is the official ChorusDOTfm correspondent
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    “Reporting to you live from the VFW hall...”
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    “Hold on...folks I am hearing that...Buried Dreams Motherfucker”
  15. flask


    I need to start doing my research and get ready to report from Sound and Fury this year.
  16. Nate_Johnson

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  17. Michael Schmidt

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    Their set was really good. The singer was going bonkers. He was barrel rolling through the stage. For playing second, they really brought it and a lot of young people were early for it. Lots of AOM sweatsuits were sold afterwards haha
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  18. cherrywaves


    How were today’s sets?
  19. johnnyferris

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    Apparently a Knocked Loose surprise set?
  20. Michael Schmidt

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    LDB Day 2:
    Constraint is a Louisville band that is fronted by the Inclination singer. Less heavy and not an explicit straight edge band. It’s good.

    Receiving Dirtnaps is Memphis band that sounded like a mid 2000s throwback. They didn’t have a huge following, but they sounded good and the people that knew them were really into it.

    Low End was really good. Definitely a hot set. Very good response and a lot of people watching.

    Maniac is a west Mass band that was on the punker side of hardcore. Most people just sort of vibed to it.

    Hands of God destroyed the place. Highly recommend looking up their set or listening to them if you haven’t yet. They did cover Sunami, which may not be people’s thing. But the place did go off for it. Lot of people got injured during this set. Namely a photographer that got knocked out. The Absence of Mind singer was going overboard on the crowd killing.

    I stepped out during Wicked Garden, so cant speak to that set.

    Fuming Mouth was a good change of pace from traditional hardcore, as most would expect.

    One Step Closer crushed it and you can tell that’s one of the “it” bands right now. I hear so much Have Heart in that band. They will be dropping a two song promo before they do a record.

    Magnitude had one of the best reactions of the weekend. I love the music and their message, but the vocals on the record aren’t for me. The vocals were pretty buried live. Based on their festival reaction, that seems like the next biggish kind of hardcore band.

    Drain was absolutely awesome. Their set felt the shortest though. They have a new song coming out Monday that is absolutely awesome. One of the best reactions I’ve seen to a brand new song.

    Dare also had a really good reaction. They a had a new sweatsuit as well, but didn’t wear it live this time. They had three X balloons and shot confetti.

    Dead Heat was really good and some good circle pits.

    Judiciary opened with Pure Fury and didn’t mess around. The singer from Low End filled in on guitar.

    Knocked Loose played a surprise set that went off like you’d expect. Lots of speaker diving and people swinging. Probably not as wild as that Metro show, but maybe close to that ballpark.

    Sucks Bracewar had to follow. Took a few songs for people to regain energy and get into their set, but it popped eventually.

    Cruel Hand did mostly old shit, so it was tight. Good to see them again.

    Fiddlehead is really good on record, but it is so much better live. Just a total different energy and feel. They played with the lights off and two lights they setup . It created a cool atmosphere and left cool shadows on the wall of the skatepark.

    Everyone knows Terror at this point.
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  21. Michael Schmidt

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    All in all it was a really fun weekend. I’d say Friday felt like more people in attendance despite Saturday having the better bill. The vegan food pop-up at the show is lit. Even non-vegans were eating that instead.

    it should also be mentioned, as someone who has lived in Chicago and seen a pretty accepting scene towards LQBTQ folks, the Louisville hardcore scene is very good in that regard. It was impressive. I’d definitely recommend attending this festival.
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  22. cherrywaves


    Both days have had a pretty wild lineup. Glad to hear you had a good time
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  23. flask


    I feel like people under estimate Fiddlehead. When they play its such an intense set. I hope they come back to CA soon.
  24. Petit nain des Îles

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    Does anyone remember a live set from years ago that had slightly become a "meme" because there was one fan (crew member?) sitting on stage nonchalantly during the whole thing, while everyone else is going crazy in the pit?
  25. swboyd

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    the average age at this fest will probably be in the 40s.
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