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    Did you turn 21 in prison doing life without parole? Do you tend to look for neither fights or answers, cuz you know it'll come out right? Do you stop strangers just to shake their hand? What do you Do you not know but you've been told, its hard to run with the weight of gold? But on the other hand, you've heard it said, it's just as hard with the weight of led? Do you like to drive trains, high on cocaine? Is your tongue twisted with words unspoken and thoughts unclear? Will a box of rain ease the pain, and love see you through? Are you Saturday's child, all alone, moving with a tinge of grace? Are you a clown in the burying ground? Or just another pretty face? Might you meet the fate of Ophelia, sleeping perchance to dream? Are you honest to the point of recklessness, self-centered in the extreme? Will you let the words be mine, you are done with yours? Is all you know that something like a bird within her sang?

    Do you like to laugh in the sunshine, sing, cry in the dark, fly through the night?

    What up y'all its ya resident deadhead here to post about the Grateful Dead until none of you like me anymore. I'm pumped for it lets go. See ya at SPAC and in Hartford this summer where I will be doing drugs and listening to John Mayer shred like hell with Bobby & the boys.
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    Q: I want to get into the Grateful Dead! How??
    A: Well first of all wow! You might be the first on this site! Well, this article is pretty handy, but I'd narrow it down personally and give you a few specific avenues of exploration:

    1. Definitely start with American Beauty and Workingman's Dead. If you're not into them, you're probably hopeless, but hey, might as well keep going. (SKIP TO 3 IF YOU ARE INTO PSYCHEDELIC JAMS THAT GO ON WAY TOO LONG FOR MOST PEOPLE)

    2. Skull & Roses (aka Skull Fuck aka Grateful Dead), Europe 72, and Reckoning are essential and should be listened to next. Go To Nassau is one of the best '80 shows but not essential, and Without A Net is recommended if you listened to the other 3 recommended ones and said "I liked this, but it would be soooo much better if Jerry couldn't sing or play nearly as well and if the piano was electric and denser and if it had more MIDI." That sounds like a condemnation but it's actually a great album even with those considerations.

    3. Here is the psychedelic stuff, but probably not like you imagine. This is probably much more country, folk, jazz, blues, and bluegrass influenced than your impression has been. Ok obviously you have to listen to Live/Dead which is one of the greatest albums ever made (if anyone has a copy on vinyl hmu I'll pay way too much money for it). Filmore West 1969 (not on youtube, here it is on spotify) is a great cut of highlights. If you are feeling really adventurous and want to dive into an alternate of a similar style (same venue, opposite coast, a few months later) try one of my absolute favorite albums of all time in any genre: Dick's Picks 4.* Dick's Picks 2, recommended by the article, is also great and recommended, especially if you're intimidated and could go for a shorter listen. The rest on this line are skippable honestly, but not bad. (GO BACK TO 2 IF YOU SKIPPED)

    4. Yeah there's a lot of stuff here. This is a "furthur listening" type of section I suppose, and the article is dense as hell on it, so I'll provide some choice cuts, mostly taken from the reddit link below, but personally vouched for by yours truly. They are in roughly chronological order, so go by the descriptions rather than order for this section.

    Two From The Vault
    is very similar to the other 69/70 shows mentioned in part 3. A great next step if you digged any of those.

    Dick's Picks 8 is another of my favorite tapes of all time, any band. Features an incredible acoustic first set, the type of which they played a lot of which from 1969-1970 but of which few survive. Truly a treasure, and includes a lot of great banter from the band. "Why's everything so strange around here?" "I smell gunpowder!" "How're we supposed to play if yer screamin?" The second set is electric and is fairly typical of the 1970 shows, most similar to the '71 show of Dick's Picks 2 if you listened. Features one of the best "The Other One"s ever, by consensus.

    This isn't in the article, but boy is it a doozy. Not my favorite show ever, but up there, and it is a lot of people's favorite. I believe its their last '72 show in the US before their famous Europe '72 tour. And it's all on video!

    73-74 is my favorite Dead era, probably because I love jazz and their jazz-trained jazz-lovin drummer Billy Kreutzmann (Who STILL needs a half a tab of acid before every show [funny story, long story, ask me about it]) was in an illicit love affair with his hi-hat during this time period. Here is my favorite '73 show (warning: approaches 5 hours), and here is my favorite '74 show. That "Bertha!" My God!

    75 they were on hiatus, but played 3 unofficial shows and one official show. The one official show is one of their absolute best. Released as One From The Vault, traded around on tape as "Make Believe Ballroom" after the venue for years, decades! before it was released. My dad had it on cassette! A jazzy show debuting all of the songs from their jazzy album Blues For Allah, one of their best studio albums, and really, one of the few that is worth listening to.

    76? June 19th at the Cap. That's all there is to it. Listen to that bass!

    77 is home to the Dead's near-undisputed greatest tour ever, Spring '77. There are multiple Dick's & Dave's Picks from this tour, Dick's 3 and 9 being the best. However, this also home to the near-undisputed (but certainly not undisputed) show of all time: 5/8/77. Just typing it feels divine. It doesn't exist in very HQ, but the music itself overcomes that completely. It hasn't been released as an archivist pick because "everybody's already heard it." And they have, because it's incredible. If you have just 25 minutes to listen to one Grateful Dead live cut, let it be this Scarlet->Fire.

    Also for '77, the rest of the cuts in the referenced article are also absolutely worth listening to. To Terrapin: Hartford 77 is also great. My dad was at that one!

    For '78 check out: Closing of Winterland and 2/3/78.

    I don't really know much between here and 87, when they had a revival after Jerry's descent into addiction and subsequent coma from 83-85. The revival starts here, and their peaks here.

    HERE is a great post that teaches how to listen to amazing Grateful Dead bootleg shows: Intro to listening to the Dead! • /r/gratefuldead

    *Dick Latvala was the Grateful Dead's archivist. He managed the vast vault of master tapes(!) of all their shows, and all their side projects' shows. Of the >3000 shows they played, something like 2000 of them have to be archived there. That's a guess, but a low one. Dick's Picks, and later Dave's Picks when Dick died, are choice cuts picked out, remastered, and released by the archivist.

    I just wrote this for fun, for some reason.
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    I will never be their biggest fan, but I can vouch for how awesome American Beauty and Workingman's Dead are.
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    Yeah those are the cuts everyone should listen to no matter what, completely undeniable
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    Wow, my overwrought and ridiculously long guides about semi-niche subjects look slick on this site
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    Never stop doing them.
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    I'm gonna listen to more GD now
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    i need my damn dancing bear emoji @Jason Tate. How has no one made that yet. The entire internet and no Grateful Dead emoji. Maybe there's a steal your face emoji
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    I am listening to American Beauty right now and feeeeeeling it
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    It's beautiful. One of my favorites ever [124242353143]
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    This whole album is incredible, honestly. Everyone should listen to this, very accessible. @cshadows2887 might even enjoy.

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    The most played song around campfires by stoned 18-29 year olds all time tbh
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    Its a top 5 dead song. Bob sounds so great and they are so many good live versions, it's a great comedown rock out song after intense emotional jams
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    i like Bertha should i listen to the album it's on or just go w/ american beauty??
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    Both, tbh. It's only on the live album Skull and Roses, but its better than most of their studios and not a bad introduction at all. But definitely listen to American Beauty too I genuinely think everyone should it's just straight up great Americana folk/country rock stuff.
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    Actually put "Friend of the Devil" on a random playlist today
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    The week I eventually cave and do the Dead, I will need so much consulting with Ben. Haha
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    Oh man yes please
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    Haha it may take a bit before it's their turn, but I'm sure they will get a week

    Random sidenote, but are you into Santana? His jazz leanings made me wonder
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    It was their highest charting song at 64 until 87 when "Touch of Gray" randomly hit #9. 17 years between their biggest hits haha
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    Not as much as I should be. A few months ago I listened to Caravanserai and a couple others from around the and really liked then but neglected to return. I definitely owe him more time
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    I haven't gotten to that one or his record with John McLaughlin when he got full on fusion, but fuck if their first 3 records are just ludicrously good
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