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  1. Steeeve Perry


    That was the song when I knew for sure Brian had the best voice of this generation (male category)
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  2. Steeeve Perry


    And just finally...

    Everyone's lists have made me realise something...

    I don't really like Rosemary all that much. Probably in my bottom 3-5 Fallon songs. Had no idea everyone loved it though haha.
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  3. Jake W

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    Rosemary is the best song on Painkillers
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  4. Brother Beck

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    I can't help but shout-sing the lyrics along with "Rosemary" every time it comes on! Glockenspiels are so badass!
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  5. Donnie Ruth

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    This is also something important of note:

    Brian’s band names are all very cool.
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  6. Craig Manning

    @FurtherFromSky Moderator

    I guess I've never thought of those two ("Blood Loss" and "Cherry Blossoms") as that similar. "Cherry Blossoms" always struck me as more desolate and defeated, while "Blood Loss" seems super resilient. Also, the line "If I drove straight off this bridge, only God and my baby would know" is one of my favorite Brian lyrics ever.
  7. Steeeve Perry


    Yeah not sure why but I've always compared the two. Probably because both start quiet then Brian lets loose. I enjoy both songs but Blood Loss a lot more, it was my favourite (non TGA) song of his until Etta James
  8. ZooZooChaCha

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    8 is from the one Cincinnati Railtie album.

    10 is from some quick single he did with some band called Communication Redlight.
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  9. JBoch

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    Blood Loss is a top tier BF song, even including Gaslight songs
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  10. eagles1139


    The songwriting on Elsie is incredible. It's a simple line but "And lonely, my sister, could not describe all the good things gone wrong" always stopped me in my tracks.

    Also for the record the best opening line Brian has ever written is:
    "I been known to wear a fine black suit and a murder of a tie, I got miles on my shoes that your brothers can't buy."

    (okay, it's tied with "Mary, this station is playing every sad song, I remember like we were alive.")
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  11. eagles1139


    Goodnight Irene is one of the best non-TGA songs and this is Brian's best acoustic performance:
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  12. abw123


    Replying to the last few pages:

    1) Georgia is a total GEM, not as high on Low Love, and Georgia with good production would have been great on the album. The Georgia EP - I'm glad to have it for sure - the production leaves a lot to be desired. Not sure those versions of Tin Pan Alley and Blues Mary are really much better than the demos we had. Really like both tunes though.

    2) Best 10 non TGA?
    I will go with (not in order)

    Black Betty
    Among Other Foolish Things
    Open All Night
    Forget Me Not
    See You On the Other Side

    Could easily list 10 more as honorable mention that are "right there"

    I think both solo albums are near perfect. Elsie is a little more hit and miss for me than you guys, but it's very good too.
  13. Craig Manning

    @FurtherFromSky Moderator

    From a pure songwriting perspective, I think it’s his best album. It conjures up a totally unique world for itself.
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  14. Brother Beck

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    This conversation has made me realize that I haven't listened to the whole album Elsie in a long time. I'm fixing that this afternoon on my ride into Boston.
  15. EntryLevelDave

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    I wish I could tell you how hard my heart broke when i found out gaslight rode a fever out of AUSTIN and not BOSTON lol.
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  16. Donnie Ruth

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    You going to the game??
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  17. Brother Beck

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    SAME HERE!!!

    No, I wish! I work 2nd shift in the city.
  18. ECV

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    My favorite non-TGA Fallon track has gotta be I Witnessed A Crime
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  19. troyplaysbass

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    There are a couple on the solo albums that I probably like more, but that's definitely my favorite on Elsie.
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  20. Brother Beck

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    Elsie is so damn good. The only negative I can say about it is that I am not crazy about how "I Believe Jesus Brought Us Together" sounds on the album. I vastly prefer the live cut on the Live At The Troubadour album where you can tell people are playing all of the instruments.
  21. ECV

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    Was listening to Elsie the other day in the car and I kind of still can’t believe how good it is. The fact that Fallon out American Slang, Elise, and Handwritten in 3 consecutive years is hard to wrap my head around considering the quality of all three.
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  22. abw123


    Yes, that song and Cherry Blossoms are the 2 I don't care for, just too sparse for me melodically.
  23. RobJGolde

    Wrecked 'em? Damn near killed 'em!

    I mean, he was already on his way to becoming a legend once American Slang came out, but this whole stretch truly sealed the deal
  24. Brother Beck

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    My honest opinion is that Brian Fallon's streak started with Sink or Swim and is still going strong 8 full albums later, and 11 releases later if I get to count EPs.
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  25. .K.

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    It’s amazing the variety of music he’s been a part of, with feeling like he’s just trying to jump on a trend.

    Everything from his early stuff to as recent as Painkillers feels so genuine. I’m really excited for new music, and it’s nice to have a conversation with variety of opinions without someone trying to sabatoge it.

    I think a Brian/Crowes/Gaslight top 10 would be impossible for me to settle on.
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