The Gaslight Anthem Respond to Reports of Sexual Assault at Their Shows

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    The Gaslight Anthem posted the following on Twitter:

    We’ve been angered and saddened to hear reports of sexual assault and harassment in the audience at our shows. From the very beginning of this band, we have strived to create a positive and safe environment for our fans and this kind of abhorrent behavior can not and will not be tolerated at our shows. It’s clear that this disturbing trend is on the rise in our industry, and that ignoring or dismissing the problem sends a very clear message to perpetrators that they can get away with their behavior. As a result, we want to help to shine a light on the issue and ask our fans to do the same.

    We’ve reached out to the authorities and the venues that were involved in these incidents.

    There are a number of amazing organizations raising awareness and providing education around this problem, including Safe Gigs For Women.

    If you see something please say something, get involved, and help however you can. We want everyone looking out for each other.

  2. Former Planets

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    I was real worried for a second there. Still concerned. Just, differently.
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    I don’t think TGA are talking specifically about one of their own shows. Just in general the whole scene needs to clean up.
  4. Aaron Mook

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    They reference multiple incidents at their shows specifically in their own statement.
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    They are talking, specifically, about one of their own shows.
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    I absolutely believe it's true, but I've never actually witnessed this and it honestly shocks me stuff like this happens. People are so fuckin' weird, I swear.

    The most awkward concert moment I've been to, and I suppose you could definitely call it sexual harassment (verbal), was at a Kacey Musgraves show a few years back in Toronto. Kacey was attempting to tell a story about writing new material for Pageant Material, and this one dude (might've been two dudes) in the back kept screaming for her to take her shirt off. Like relentlessly. It got so bad that her boyfriend at the time was in the band, and he had to step in front of her and take the mic to tell the guys to let her speak.
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    This kinda stuff happens in all directions at concerts. Not sure why people think things are ok to do in big crowds that they wouldn’t do normally. It can be gross and weird.