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  1. So towards the end of the Doc they showed Billy now, he's just scamming people more? They were just presenting what he was doing so casually, how does he get away with selling those fake tickets? Did I just not pay enough attention and miss something vital?
  2. just watched the Netflix doc and man Billy really radiates evil the whole time
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  3. that kinda confused me as well
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    Yes. He didn't get away with it. He was re-arrested on those charges last year.
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  5. Why the hell did he let them film that operation?
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    Great question lol! My only logical answer would be "money?" but I still don't get it.
  7. We had similar ideas for the avatars, ngl I like yours more haha.
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    Feel bad for the guys that never set foot in the Bahamas but are being sued by amex for unpaid credit card bills
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    After our back and forth in the FF thread, I just had to Moogle it up!!! I went through too many Google image page results than I want to admit lol.
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  10. It’s crazy how he lived his life solely on credit. How do you do that?!?
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    i wonder this to, and i think the answer is simply: he didn't think he would get caught or was committing a crime, so what's the harm?

    clearly getting arrested and on house arrest for the festival didn't do anything to his demeanor since he was in the penthouse in who knows what ways was paying for that, and while there he was asking that guy about jail and saying he'd never go there, so i'm sure he's of the mindset that he never does anything wrong - it's always someone else that fucks up. so, why not let Netflix (or whoever it was, i'm assuming Netflix or maybe they bought that footage from whoever) film the latest scam? because it's not a scam to Billy, so there's no harm in filming it!
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