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The Future of Apple Music

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 9, 2019.

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    Zane Lowe talked with Wired about the future of Apple Music:

    There’s also the matter of how livestreams fit into the picture. After events with Shawn Mendes, French rap group PNL and Tyler the Creator, who did a live performance of his album IGOR, streamed on Apple Music the night before it came out, Lowe says “live music is definitely on the horizon” for the service. It’s all part of the team’s bid to “eventise” – his word – album launches. In the case of Tyler the Creator, “fans can tune in, then after watching it maybe you go to the album.”

    When it comes to someone like Billie Eilish, who now has her own Beats 1 show, the Apple Music team realised that their pre-adds, which allow users to register their interest in an album before it’s out, had made people more invested in her March 2019 album When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

  2. thechetearly


    Spotify is still superior. Without a doubt.
  3. Doubt #1 for me: No local library in the cloud. Having my entire music collection with me, anywhere, is awesome.
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  4. pre adds have never ever worked properly for me
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  5. Sean Murphy

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    i don't pre-add things anymore because without fail they never sync properly. i always have to end up deleting the tracks i pre-added and just add the whole album when it's out. just stream new singles now and add when everything is available.
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  6. davxdcampbell


    Pre-adds always work awesome for me. It pops up at the top of my recently added library once it releases. Makes it super easy to remember when an album drops.
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  7. scottlechowicz

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    It happens to me every. single. time.
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  8. Sean Murphy

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    i'm not doubting your claim, but I don't use spotify, so in what ways are you talking about? I know for sure my friends who have spotify say for one thing, the whole way playlists are done is better. idk what else is better though. the only issue ive ever had with AM is the pre-add bug/problem i experience.
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  9. thechetearly


    I think Spotify makes it waaaay easier to find new music / bands with their playlists and their Discover feature. I had both Apple Music and Spotify for a few years, and the only reason I held onto Apple Music was that I liked the layout better Haha Other than that though, Spotify wins by a landslide for me.
  10. Jonathan

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Verified

    Most of my friends have switched to Apple Music.
  11. 333 GANG


    I’d say one out of every ten people I know who actively use streaming services use Apple Music. Anecdotal, of course, just what I’ve seen in my circles.
  12. Wharf Rat

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    pre-adds usually work for me, new Big Thief was the first time i noticed it didn't. But I also often remove and re-add stuff so it appears at the top of my recently added so I remember that I wanted to listen to it next
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