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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by SpyKi, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. SpyKi

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    I+L definitely feels more like a record of its time than anything else he's done imo. It feels like a strong debut with a lot of greatness on it but I think DP is still a significant step up.
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  2. Leftandleaving

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    I think some nights sounds more dated than I+L
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  3. SpyKi

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    Yeah I don't see that at all.
  4. Dog Fish

    soups up


  5. Maybevictor

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    I am going to turn to dust when they play on your porch
  6. ItsAndrew


    So what do we think the setlists will be like for these shows? Any predictions?
  7. jordalsh

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    I'm hoping for Career Day
  8. Maybevictor

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    Would love something like the live album setlist, but mostly just really need Matches into I’m Actual to open the set.
  9. ComedownMachine

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    Yeah I’m absolutely not counting on it but I’d die if they play dog problems front to back
  10. ItsAndrew


    Interventions then Dog Problems front to back let's do it.
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  11. zigbigwig

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    for some reason i thought they announced they are playing Dog Problems start to finish

    i second Matches > I’m Actual

    i got into I+L pretty late but that record is great too.
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  12. zigbigwig

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    also if anyone has any food recs in NY let me know. i’m already planning to go to some pizza places, and Ichiran (might be my favorite ramen place). miss Ichiran so much

    also definitely going to the Nintendo store
  13. Maddy


    If you’re doing pizza make sure to go to an Artichoke location
  14. quietwords

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    My husband told me he was working with some of our friends in NYC to try and surprise me with a trip to the Sunday show. I was going to stay with them, the 4 of us were going to go to the concert, then hit some of the gay bars in town.
    Hoping they are still trying to buy back tickets from scalpers. I keep checking the ticket page just in case. Lost cause, I'm sure.
  15. Drewski

    Maybe so, maybe not.

    Avoid Artichoke. Opt for a real New York slice. cc: @zigbigwig
  16. zigbigwig

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    who do i believe
  17. jordalsh

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    i'm an idiot but ive had both and they're both great. get two slices
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  18. irthesteve

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    100% go to artichoke
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  19. sean_rugy

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    Artichoke is not good, I’m sorry. go to Joe’s or Scarr’s for a much better slice in Manhattan.

    @zigbigwig I’ll send over some other rec’s.
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  20. ChiliTacos

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    I’m not a New Yorker or anything but I lovvveee Prince St. Pizza.
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  21. irthesteve

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    I don't feel like we are playing "authentic NY pizza vs not" here. Obviously Artichoke isn't authentic NY pizza, we have locations here in California too. It's fuckin good. I don't think anyone is saying "go to Artichoke for the best authentic NY pizza"
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  22. cricketandclover

    Things have changed.

    Joe's so is mediocre.
  23. CoachBalke


    Am I the only one obsessing over the fact we don't know if there will be an opener in NYC? I could see them having no opener, a different one in each city, or the same band for all shows. I could see a small no name band they like or I could see a huge name or someone from their other lives. WHAT WILL IT BE
  24. LessThanTrevor

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  25. Dog Fish

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    Can confirm they haven’t made a final decision on whether they’ll have an opener or not.