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The Florida Thread

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by joe727, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. joe727

    A DILAPIDATED BOAT! Prestigious

    Figured since everywhere else is getting their own threads I should probably make one for Florida.

    Share crazy Florida news stories, talk about ridiculous bi-polar weather, bitch about Rick Scott, talk about how awesome Cuban Sandwiches are, complain about snowbirds who can't drive worth a shit, ect.
  2. joe727

    A DILAPIDATED BOAT! Prestigious

    Weather yesterday in Tampa Bay was particularly weird.

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  3. Garrett

    you're not a ghost Moderator

    I was born and raised in Tampa. Miss it a lot. Miss Cuban toast even more. The fact Publix is in Tennessee now makes it easier. Them sugar cookies with sprinkles. Pub subs. :hearteyes::hearteyes::hearteyes:
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  4. Jose

    weightless in the valley

    I hate living south of Fort Lauderdale. Pretty sure there's been about like 5 concerts coming to Miami or Lauderdale that aren't big acts (or Pitbull but we'll ignore him). Shoutout to Publix and all the Cuban restaurants down in Kendall, my people make good food.
  5. nl5011

    Trusted Supporter

    Grew up in that DUUUUVALLL.

    but currently reside in tourist trap St.Augustine.

    Anyone check out One Spark in Jax this weekend?
  6. Meerkat

    human junk drawer Prestigious

    My parents moved to Miami about two years ago. Miami easily has some of the worst driving I've ever seen
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  7. joe727

    A DILAPIDATED BOAT! Prestigious

    Publix subs are everything.

    Also I was always partial to Publix's chocolate chewie cookies.
  8. nl5011

    Trusted Supporter

    I have never been south of tampa. North florida is just ticks and hicks...

    I hear miami is just so different from the rest of florida.
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  9. windowbirds

    close your eyes until tomorrow Supporter

    Even though I was born in San Francisco, I've lived in West Palm my whole life and went to UCF.
  10. windowbirds

    close your eyes until tomorrow Supporter

    I took this out in Wellington last year.
  11. eight30


    Orlando for most of my life. Florida sucks most of the time but when I left I missed it.
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  12. nl5011

    Trusted Supporter

    I live in orlando for 2 years. in winter park. I enjoyed orlando, would def move back. Traffic is horrible though. but thats the consensus im getting from everywhere
  13. ghostedaway

    bryan Prestigious

    I've lived in South Florida for basically my entire life. It's alright here sometimes, I guess.
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  14. eight30


    Yeah traffic is bad and I wish we had better or any public transportation really. I'm sad you called St Augustine a tourist trap because I genuinely love that place haha.
  15. windowbirds

    close your eyes until tomorrow Supporter

    I've been regularly going to Orlando for the last 14 years and Colonial Drive still has road work going on.
  16. nl5011

    Trusted Supporter

    Aw no offense! I loved it too when I visited from jax. But living here kinda sucks the life out of you. Everything's expensive, traffic sucks cuz there's only two roads to get anywhere. There's nothing but restaurant jobs. And the business owners along with most of the downtown property owners can be divided up into a group of 5-6 wealthy individuals. And the stories I've heard and experiences I've had with these individuals have been very shitty.

    So it's like a horribly accurate microcosm of the nation.

    There's no community, it's rich people from out of state, college kids from out of state. The locals are washups, burnouts, and the few people mislead into thinking it'd be fun to live here.

    If I had more money to burn it'd be better. But on 8.05/hr in a place where the cheapest restaraunts are +$10 it's not easy.
  17. eight30


    I can see that. I've thought about living there but when I visit I only stay like 3 days max so I'll keep magic alive that way haha. It's probably mostly the nostalgia of visiting there as a kid.
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  18. CarpetElf

    douglas Prestigious

    From Tallahassee and moved to Jax recently. Cannot wait to leave the state
  19. Morrissey


    Going through Colonial to get from downtown to the UCF area is an experience that will ruin your week.
  20. The_Effort

    Regular Supporter

    Grew up in Port St Lucie so I guess I kinda belong here
  21. Brandon Allin

    Finest Quality Crappy Punk Rock Since '92 Prestigious

    I love Florida. Only ever been to Orlando and Tampa really, mostly for the theme parks, but always had a great time.
  22. windowbirds

    close your eyes until tomorrow Supporter

    you meant every single day I was there for college.
  23. Morrissey


    When I was working in Northwest Orlando near Lockhart and living on the East Coast I had to cross through all of that on a daily basis. I usually took 408-417-528 to get out of there but if I-4 was spilling into the 408 or there was an accident I had to either take back roads down to Kissimmee or endure Colonial. When I was in college I did not have a FastPass so I would regularly go from my UCF apartment to downtown and it could take upwards of an hour.

    I likely would not move out of the state but the city setup is almost universally backwards. The new Orlando rail system is a nice start but the flatness of the city means you still need a car wherever you land.
  24. Dirty Sanchez

    Prestigious Prestigious

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  25. windowbirds

    close your eyes until tomorrow Supporter

    I worked at Disney my last year of college, so I had to buy an EPass to get to work but when my car was in the shop from an accident, I had to go all the way to Winter Park to get to I-4 just so I wouldn't have to go to downtown but sometimes you just had to go through downtown because Winter Park traffic was sometimes just as bad.