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The Experimental/Unclassifiable/Weird shit thread Genre

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by PauLo, Aug 27, 2020.

  1. PauLo

    43% Burnt

    Why? Because why not. I always find myself wanting to talk about some of the weird, unclassifiable stuff I listen to, but never knowing where to talk about it. I guess it could be stuff like Captain Beefheart, Frank Zappa/Mothers of Invention or early Dr John stuff. Or maybe even Tim Buckleys more avant-garde stuff.

    Or just any old weird shit you find yourself listening to, enjoying and thinking "why the fuck am I listening to this?". I do that a lot haha
  2. PauLo

    43% Burnt

    Figured this would be a good place to talk about ESG. They always get lumped in with post-punk, but they could easily be classified as funk. They even have hip hop elements. Their sparse sound doesn't really fit in any one genre.

    But yeah, they're great and everyone should listen to them
  3. Elder Lightning

    Forever a Lake Effect Kid Supporter

    I dropped this in the metal thread, but this is probably a better place. An experimental, funky, jazzy, instrumental album that dips its toes into metal and other genres from the drummer of Darkest Hour:

  4. Elder Lightning

    Forever a Lake Effect Kid Supporter

    And this avant-garde album from a few weeks back:

  5. Horrorca


    nothing quite like this one - not even within his discog

    amazing beautiful bizarre world were cowboys robots & psychedelics coexist inside a Carlos Castañeda world & make music that’s waaaaay out there but also extremely moving

  6. sawhney[rusted]2

    I'll write you into all of my songs Supporter

    This is a fun thread, excited to check these out!!!