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    In April 2018, Kevin Feige announced that a film based on the Eternals had begun development, with a focus on Ikaris & Then as its central characters. In May 2018, Matthew & Ryan Firpo were hired to write the script for the project. By late-September, Marvel hired Chloé Zhao to direct the film.

    The plot will span the eons of lifetime that the ancient race have lived and fought the evil race known as the Deviants.


    Angelina Jolie - Thena
    Richard Madden - Ikaris
    Kumail Nanjiani - Kingo
    Salma Hayek - Ajak
    Lia McHugh - Sprite
    Don Lee - Gilgamesh
    Lauren Ridloff - Makkari
    Brian Tyree Henry - Phastos

    Filming was originally set to begin in August 2019 in Atlanta, but was later pushed to September 9, 2019 and will last until January 2020; filming will now occur in London. The film is confirmed to be release on November 6th 2020.
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  3. Good job getting off of Atlanta
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    Probably my most anticipated Marvel Studios film right now. I loved The Rider & am super curious what Chloé Zao does within the Marvel machine, especially w/ a property like Jack Kirby's Eternals.

    Anyone curious about this property should read the Eternals comic that Neil Gaiman & John Romita Jr did.
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    I’m curious to see how Zhao does. I would like to see a strong Hollywood blockbuster do successfully under her direction.

    I can’t say I’m particularly thrilled for the Eternals though. Hopefully it’s not all set way in the past.
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    HOPEFULLY it's not another Inhumans fiasco.
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    I would also like to know when this Keanu rumor started. That would increase my interest in this.
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    I wonder if this will come out next year
  10. justin.

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    It’s either going to be this or Dr Strange 2 for the November release
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    Do you have the name of this comic? I want to get familiar with this crew
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    It just called "THE ETERNALS"
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    Yeah, as far as I can tell this hasn't started filming yet, I wouldn't be too shocked if Dr. Strange 2 is farther along than we think and ready to slide into the November slot
  15. i wish i didn't hate JRJR's art
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    I like some of his stuff, Man Without Fear probably being his peak

    I do wish he didn't use the same head for basically every character lol
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    o shit, did they really lock down Keanu for this??
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    He's only rumoured at this point, nothing set in stone
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  20. These actors are mentioned again in a new Variety article. Really need official confirmation because the rumored cast list is very intriguing.

    What to Expect From Marvel’s Comic-Con Presentation — and Why It’s So Pivotal

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    I just want to know if this is to be a period piece or if the Eternals will actually be in future films interacting with other heroes.
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    yeah, SDCC cant come soon enough so we can get some form of confirmation of something
  23. Confirmed for November 6, 2020.
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