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    Fuck that’s deep.
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  5. I have basically nothing to do at work today and have been reading through this thread to pass the time
    bless all of y'all who have shared
  6. I definitely have a lot of stories that belong in this thread. The couple that I can think of are both from my days working at a super tourist-trap restaurant.
    This one time instead of saying "Have a nice day guys!" to a table of mine that was leaving I said "Have a nice day gays!"
    It was right in front of the bar so the bartender who was working that day roasted the hell out of me for that one.
    Another time was my first summer working there as a hostess. We had a treasure box of shitty plastic toys that kids could go through and pick something out for themselves. This one weekend I remember I worked three 12 hour days in a row so by Sunday I was a total zombie. At the height of my zombie exhaustion a girl who was probably 7-9 years old came and picked out a little toy snake. I couldn't remember how a normal person talks to kids so what came out of my mouth was "enjoy your snake little girl"
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    If you were Billy Eichner that would be okay
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    lol this happened because instead of listening sometimes my brain just goes into "listen for a chance to make a joke mode"

    I just joined a new program at work and they invited me to someone's going away party (Laura). This lady, Donna, had bought a nice framed picture and everyone signed it. When I got to the party Donna called me in cause she wanted me to sign it for the coworker who is leaving (Laura). She was like, "I'm going to have to return the picture to CVS cause it looks absolutely terrible". She undoes the back of it and pulls out what was in there and it's this drawing that clearly a kid drew with crayons. Before I could even think I go "THAT'S what CVS sold you"?

    "I really don't think Laura would appreciate you saying that"
    *storms out*

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    I must be dumb this morning, because I can't figure out what has happened in this one.
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    I needed to word it better. I told 4 friends the same story. One thought it was hilarious and the other 3 didn't get it :crylaugh:

    I basically told a co worker her kid is terrible at drawing accidentally
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    I think I'm just not getting the reaction from the coworker. Sounds like a contextually funny and harmless comment to me. B-)
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    So I got a good one that just happened, this one kinda escalates quickly so bear with lol. I normally stay at my girlfriend's house upstairs in her room. She has a bright pink butt plug kinda just lounging out on her drawer, it's obviously clean and everything but probably not the best place for it, her parents just never come in her room so it's not a big deal. Well she went to go get food and her older brother comes in with his dogs and for whatever whatever weird ass reason grabs it and sticks it to her tv so it's just hanging there (it's one of the rubbery ones with the suction cup) and I was like you a. probably shouldn't be touching that (weird), and b. that's definitely gonna fall and one of the dogs is gonna use it was a chew toy. I'm honestly not really paying any attention to him so he leaves 5 minutes later I my gf's dad yell something at him and her brother comes back up stairs laughing, and shows me a video of the his dog chewing on it in front of everyone on the couch, and not only that the dog managed to stand it up by the base while she was doing it. I texted my girlfriend what happened and she's like "I'm not coming home" lmao
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    Another thread, another dog eating ass...