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    This will be the continuation of the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star thread on AP.

    The old list, courtesy of @adammmmm:

    Also, since pretty much every band in this scene uses Bandcamp and releases a lot of their music through it, I want to make a comprehensive list of twinkle/emo bandcamps. This will make it way easier to find different bands/follow their releases. Maybe we can get this added to the OP when it's finished? I'll try to continuously update this. I'm including bands that don't exist anymore too. Please help me by adding any that I've forgotten.

    There are some bands that don't have Bandcamp. If you can't find the band you're looking for on the list, check the Bandcamp of the label the band belongs/belonged to.

    Count Your Lucky Stars Records
    Topshelf Records
    Tiny Engines Records
    Flannel Gurl Records
    Keep It Together Records
    Glass Nail Records


    Algernon Cadwallader
    Ape Up!

    Babytown Frolics
    Bicycle Sunday
    Big Awesome
    Brave Bird
    Brighter Arrows
    By Surprise

    Cameron Boucher (of Old Gray)
    Chalk Talk
    Cherry Cola Champions
    The Clippers

    Deer Leap
    Di Bravura
    Diamond Dancer
    Donovan Wolfington
    Duck. Little Brother, Duck! * 2nd full length is on the Topshelf bandcamp

    Echo Base
    Emo Side Project
    Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate)
    Everyone Everywhere

    Family Might
    Football, etc.

    A Garden Overgrown
    Girl Scouts
    Glocca Morra
    A Great Big Pile Of Leaves
    The Greek Favourites
    The Ground Is Lava
    Grown Ups
    The Guru

    Hightide Hotel
    High Pop

    I Kill Giants
    I'm Ok (Members of TWIABP)
    Infinity Crush

    Joie De Vivre
    Julia Brown

    Lana Lana
    Little Kingdoms
    LVL UP

    Mane Horse
    Modern Baseball
    My Heart To Joy

    Nai Harvest
    Nick Stutsman (of Park Jefferson, Merchant Ships, etc.)

    Old Gray
    Our Sunday Affairs

    Park Jefferson
    Pity Sex
    Perfect Future
    Places To Hide

    Raphael Bastek (of Old Gray)
    Rookie Town

    Safe To Say
    Sea Salt
    Send Away Stranger
    Shark Bait
    Snowing * Full length is on the CYLS bandcamp
    Stable Boys (featuring members of Algernon Cadwallader, Snowing, Glocca Morra)

    Tawny Peaks
    Teen Suicide
    Things Fall Apart
    Top Bunk
    Tony Clark (of Prawn)
    Two Knights

    Warren Franklin
    The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die

    You Blew It!
    You'll Live

    Zona Mexicana

    420 Love Songs: A project by Sam Ray (Teen Suicide/Julia Brown/Ricky Eat Acid) featuring him and his friends that involves them writing, recording, and posting 420 love songs on the internet. Follow along on tumblr as well.

    Essential albums:
    Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) - What It Takes To Move Forward
    Algernon Cadwallader - Some Kind Of Cadwallader
    Joie de Vivre - Summer Months
    Glocca Morra - Just Married
    Snowing - Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit
    My Heart To Joy - Seasons In Verse
    Hightide Hotel - Nothing Was Missing, Except Me
    Grown Ups - More Songs
    Deer Leap / The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Are Here To Help You
    Dikembe - Chicago Bowls
    Castevet - Summer Fences
    Dowsing - It's Still Pretty Terrible
    Prawn - You Can Just Leave It All
    Everyone Everywhere - Everyone Everywhere (2010)

    Online stores:
    Count Your Lucky Stars Records
    Topshelf Records
    Tiny Engines Records
    Square Of Opposition Records
    Broken World Media
    Kind Of Like Records
    Keep It Together Records (Tapes)
    Songs From The Road Records
    Glass Nail Records
    Flannel Gurl Records

    Japan: Stiff Slack Records
    UK: strictly no capital letters
    Australia: Hobbledehoy Records
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    My favorite thread that I never joined on AP.
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    Well now you can! A fresh start
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    Sub uh dub dubbin
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    @adammmmm @fame uhhhhh
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    Broken World fest is gonna be dope that is all.
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    home sweet home :)
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    Standing on the edge of the precipice
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  14. Collins


    My number one lurked thread on AP.

    I feel like the emo revival bled into the lo-fi/double double whammy scene
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    twinkle bands just stopped existing, and new bands started leaning more in the direction of indie pop or indie rock rather than punk
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  16. Iago

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    I visit Sunny Day Real Estate's Diary and Jimmy Eat World's Clarity at least once a month. My two favorite records from the 90s.
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  17. Collin Skeen


    Love you guys so much. Keep it alive.

    My girlfriend and I are starting an EMO NIGHT radio show here at University of Kentucky this summer. We got to do our first hour test run this past week and it was so great. Everyone at the station was totally behind it. I'd love to get some people on AP (oops chorus) involved cause we can have phone guests and stuff like that. I'd love to get people on to talk about what the genre means to them and stuff like that.

    we played:
    reggie and the full effect - girl, why'd you run away?
    saves the day - anywhere with you
    say anything - 17 coked up speeding
    the sidekicks - grace
    pinegrove - then again
    a great big pile of leaves - alligator bop
    hellogoodbye - getting old
    the front bottoms - au revoir
    limbeck - julia
    brand new - logan to government center
    the academy is... - seed
    into it over it - no eq
    kevin devine - bubblegum
    yuck - as i walk away
    nada surf - animal
    the smiths - shoplifters of the world unite
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    Does anyone else ever find themselves having to defend what real "emo" is? I grew up on The Juliana Theory, Mineral, Sunny Day, Saves The Day The Get Up Kids and Jimmy Eat World. So when the whol like "mall goth" or hot topic scene started getting labeled as emo, I was constantly arguing with people about what emo really was. I still find myself doing this now when people think emo is white studded belts, black hair and eyeliner...
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    i mean this thread is usually mostly focused on the 2008-now twinkle stuff/topshelf/count your lucky stars/RFC associated bands so...haha
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    Im going to really like this thread. Why was I never in this thread on AP haha. It is so hard for to pick a favorite emo band. I've been lucky enough to see Mineral and The Get Up Kids and wow those were both amazing shows. I remember freaking out when I found out about the Mineral reunion. This summer in Atlanta I'm going down to the Wrecking Ball Festival where I'll get to see 3 more of my favorite emo bands, American Football, The Promise Ring and Rainer Maria.
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    I figured, I get its more the emo revival stuff. But bands like A Great Big Pile of Leave, TWIABP, Boys Life, Braid, Empire Empire, Foxing, Snowing etc all fit in more with what classic emo was as opposed to the whole eyeliner/hottopic thing from like 2005. I'm all about the revival stuff, it's restoring the good name to emo again in my mind.

    Super super jealous you get to see Rainer Maria, one of my all time favorites.
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    I'm really excited to see them. The lineup itself is absolutely stacked. I've never traveled this far for a show/festival but this one I couldn't pass up. American Football, American Nightmare, Anti-Flag, Bayside, Deafheaven, Dinosaur Jr, Drive Like Jehu, Hey Mercedes, Joyce Manor, Motion City Soundtrack, The Obsessives, Quicksand, The Promise Ring, Touche Amore, Tigers Jaw, Thursday, Rainer Maria etc. All the bands I'm really excited about.
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    lol one of my best friends is playing that fest
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    JUST purchased the Clarity 2xLP reissue the other night. needless to say I can't wait until it shows up at my door. Diary is also a damn masterpiece.
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    lurked this thread on so I'm excited to be here for the fresh start.

    I've mentioned this in the Pinegrove thread but the Into It. Over It., The World Is..., Sidekicks, and Pingrove tour going around right now may be one of the best line-ups I've seen in a while. just a completely stacked, well-rounded bill.
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