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The Electric Car Thread

Discussion in 'Technology Forum' started by ZooZooChaCha, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. ZooZooChaCha

    Trusted Supporter

    Thought I'd start a thread in the tech forum for electric cars - these things are practically a tech purchase when you think about it.

    Currently have a Prius C but we're in the market for a second car and I think I am going full electric. 10 mile commute and my work has charging stations right in the front row.
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  2. jorbjorb

    7 rings

    The self driving stuff terrifies me.
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  3. LightWithoutHeat

    This is the city of the men of Númenor

    Wait until you find out how many people a year die in cars driven by humans.
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  4. popdisaster00

    I'm usually deluded Moderator

    I bought a Prius last fall but was really close to going for a Leaf or a Volt.
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  5. jorbjorb

    7 rings

    I know I just like being in control.
  6. LightWithoutHeat

    This is the city of the men of Númenor

    Yeah, I hear that. Personally I can't wait to get rid of my car and instead have one ready for me to jump in when I head out the door for work. The cost savings alone will be tremendous, and never having to deal with parking will likely add years to my life.
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  7. jorbjorb

    7 rings

    That's true. I think I would love to take a nap during rush hour traffic now to think of it.
  8. ZooZooChaCha

    Trusted Supporter

    About 5 days into Leaf ownership and I love it so far. The range is a little short - 95 miles, but it’s perfect for going back and forth to work (10 mile commute) and my work has free charging.

    Still have the Prius C for the longer trips.
  9. Iain


    It is an exciting space. Most governments in Europe are implementing higher taxes and setting deadlines for fossil powered vehicles.

    I rarely do more than a 20 mile round trip anywhere, so I would love to have one for the free fuel. I am on a company car scheme, so I am hoping in the near future I will get into one.
  10. ZooZooChaCha

    Trusted Supporter

    Europe has the right idea. Whereas in the US there are cities (Atlanta I believe is one of them) where they are taxing EVs heavier at registration since they don't pay into the gas tax.