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The Elder Scrolls Video Game

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by aranea, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. aranea

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  2. Dirty Sanchez

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    ready for that remaster!!
  3. Legends is very solo-play friendly. The story mode is pretty long and unlocks quite a good amount of cards/decks. Between Practice Mode and Solo Arena, I can keep myself occupied without ever playing against another human being. I should be able to go into Solo Arena to win all 9 stages to sustain a good enough gold income to keep going into Solo Arena.
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  4. Shrek

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    Yep, Legends is great, kills me how little time I have to get on and play, so many deck builds I wanna tinker with. My girlfriend is a massive fantasy nerd, but more Tolkien & Dungeons and Dragons... has never played an Elder Scrolls Game. Can't wait to see her get hooked on the Skyrim remaster.
  5. tucah

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    Just started up with Legends, finished the first Chapter/Act/whatever. Yes, it's Hearthstone-y but there are some really great tweaks and I've always been a bigger fan of the Elder Scrolls universe than I have been of Warcraft. I can't wait to dive into it further because it's still a little overwhelming even though I've gotten a hold of the basics, I think.
  6. xkaylinh Aug 5, 2016
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    Defender - taunt - guard
    Haste - charge - charge
    Protection - Divine Shield - ward
    Lifelink - ??? - drain
    When ___ comes into play - battlecry/combo - summon
    When ___ dies - deathrattle - last gasp
    Trample - ??? - breakthrough
    Deathtouch - destroy any minion damaged by this minion - lethal

    I find it really interesting that hs doesn't have a lifelink equivalent. I'm also not really sure if the other two have anything like enrage and windfury.
  7. Shrek

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    ESL doesn't have "Windfury" as a Keyword, but there are monsters that simply state "gets an extra attack each turn", ran into a few this morning.
  8. Yeah, I saw that as well. I don't think Magic has that due to how attack phases work. Closest I can think of is maybe double-strike.

    Just remembered trample - breakthrough, not sure if HS has that, either. Maybe "damages minions next to the one it attacks" but that's a stretch and it's only like two or three cards.
  9. aranea

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    there's also
    lethal - destroy any minions damaged by this minion (maexxna, pit snake, etc)
  10. Oh! MTG equivalent would be deathtouch.
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  11. I'm so used to putting no more than two copies of a card in a deck, not just because of Hearthstone, but even in Magic Duels where you're limited to 4-3-2-1 copies depending on rarity, and in MTG in real life, just as a personal preference from a deckbuilding standpoint. Duels doesn't have a disenchant/soul trap because you just unlock all of the set eventually and can't have extra copies. Legends has a soul trap extra copies button, but for me, every third copy is an extra, so I have to soul trap those manually haha.
  12. Seems like Solo Arena gets harder the more times you beat it. Went 9, 8 (because of some bullshit lucky last second prophecy shenanigans or else I would've won the last match), 9, then 6... This might not be a good way to earn gold consistently after all. May have to play some PvP to get gold to do solo arena, hah bummer.
  13. Ah I fucked up. I need 45 more gold to get into Arena and quests can only be completed in Versus and Arena.
  14. Dirty Sanchez

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    It has been 200 years since Martin Septim sacrificed himself to permanently seal the barriers between Nirn and Oblivion.
    With the death of the last Septim, the Empire lost its last legitimate leader. As each province tried to reassert its independence,
    it pulled itself apart. It was the dawn of the Fourth Era, but there was no Empire left to greet it.

    Much has happened since then. The Mane was assasinated in Elsweyr. The Argonians, tired of chafing under Dunmer slavemasters,
    revolted and conquered the south of Morrowind as Red Mountain erupted in the north. The Dunmer scattered to the winds. Titus Mede
    seized the Imperial City and became Emperor. The Thalmor seized control in the Summerset Isle and Valenwood, reestablishing
    the Aldmeri Dominion. Umbriel, a floating city fueled by the souls of its victims, drew a swath of destruction across all of Tamriel.
    The moons mysteriously vanished, only to reappear two years later. The Aldmeri Dominion and the Empire went to war. The Imperial City
    changed hands two times in just as many years. The White-Gold Concordat was signed. Hammerfell seceded from the Empire and pushed
    back its Elven invaders. The High King of Skyrim was murdered by one of his Jarls, plunging the land into a bloody civil war.

    As the sons of Skyrim spilled their own blood, the Elder Scrolls' final prophecy was fulfilled. The chain of events set in motion by
    the Eternal Champion came to a grinding halt. The Staff of Chaos, the Warp in the West, the rise of the Nerevarine, the opening of
    the Oblivion gates; all these events were omens that our time on this world is limited. And now our time has run out.

    Amidst the chaos of war, dragons have returned to Tamriel. These ancient creatures are the heralds of our end, their message
    one of fire and death. Now, they sweep across Tamriel, paving the way for their master: Alduin the World Eater, who will
    bathe the world in flame until nothing but ashes remain.

    But, there is still hope. There is one the dragons fear. In their tongue he is "Dovahkiin"... Dragonborn.

    The Pocket Guide to the Empire: Fourth Edition
    From the quills of the Imperial Geographical Society

    It has been exactly 200 years since the previous edition of this Pocket Guide was released. Since then, many things
    have changed: an Empire has fallen and been reborn, borders have been redrawn and wars have been fought. So far,
    the Fourth Era has been a time of great turmoil. However, we at the Imperial Geographical Society are convinced
    many conflicts can be avoided with some simple common sense and knowledge. After all, one who knows what the Green Pact
    is won't be so eager to accept an invitation to a Bosmeri banquet! That is why, on the 200th anniversary of our previous
    guide, we bring you this new, updated version. This is not a simple update, but a complete rewrite, to paint an accurate
    picture of Tamriel as it is today. We hope this guide keeps you informed, and more importantly, safe.

    Excerpt: On Tamriel


    Tamriel. It is a name we all know and all take for granted. Yet our continent has had many names over the course of history:
    the Arena; Starry Heart; Dawn’s Beauty. It has seen great unity and great strife. During the last years of the third era, in the
    time leading up to the Oblivion crisis, the land was relatively peaceful. To be true, even then there was unrest between
    the provinces, but the Elder Council handled their grievances while the Legion kept their more violent client states in line.
    After the collapse of the Empire, however, unrest between the provinces increased. Black Marsh annexed part of Morrowind,
    while the rest became an uninhabitable wasteland when Red Mountain erupted. The Thalmor seized control of the Summerset Isle
    and Valenwood and resurrected the Aldmeri Dominion. The Great War bathed the land in blood and fear. Not even the Imperial City,
    jewel of the Empire, was safe from the Aldmeri onslaught. Even now, after the White-Gold Concordat, peace is fragile.

    Excerpt: On Skyrim


    Skyrim has an abundance of two things: freezing cold and ancient history. Long ago, the rugged land was inhabited by ancient elves.
    When humans first arrived in Tamriel from the northern continent of Atmora, they arived on Skyrim's frozen shores. There, they
    came into contact with the Snow Elves. Despite their differences, the races were initially at peace with one another. As time went
    on, however, the elves began to feel threatened by the ever increasing human population. In an event that later came to be known as
    the Night of Tears, the elves attacked, nearly wiping out all humans in the process. Only King Ysgramor and his sons escaped
    with their lives. They returned to Skyrim with a new Atmoran fleet and drove the elves away in a bloody war of conquest.
    And so, Skyrim became the first human kingdom on the continent.

    Today, Skyrim is the home of the descendants of those first humans to set foot on the continent: the Nords. It is a cold land,
    but far from the frozen wasteland it’s sometimes made out to be: from the grassy tundra of Whiterun to the rocky badlands
    of the Reach, Skyrim is a province with a diverse geography. The province is divided into nine Holds, each ruled by a Jarl.
    Above the Jarls stands the High King, a Jarl elected to the highest seat of office by his peers. However, the land has been
    leaderless since Ulfric Stormcloak - the Jarl of Windhelm - assassinated the High King using his gift of The Voice. The Stormcloak
    Rebellion seeks to rid Skyrim of the Empire and, by killing Skyrim's ruler, has sparked a civil war.

    The Stormcloaks and Imperials are not the only factions in Skyrim. The Blades, the ancient protectors of the Dragonborn Emperor,
    have survived well into the fourth era, though greatly diminished in number. Skyrim’s mages have organized into the
    College of Winterhold. The Companions offer swords and axes for hire. The Thieves Guild, hidden in plain sight, is always
    looking for new ways to make the poor richer and the rich poorer. The Dark Brotherhood, shrouded in shadows, recruits
    individuals with a knack for ending lives. And atop the Throat of the World, the highest mountain in Tamriel, reside
    the enigmatic Greybeards, masters of the Voice.

    Excerpt: On the Way of the Voice

    A wise man once said that words are wind. The Nords of Skyrim interpret this quite literally. Every word they speak, every whisper
    they utter, every shout they bellow: all are proof to the Nords of the existence of their goddess of wind and storm, Kyne.
    In the Empire, Kyne is better known as blessed Kynareth of the Eight Divines. Worshippers of Kynareth have, long ago,
    developed a form of magic that honors the godess with every use. Using the Voice, practitioners - often called Tongues - can form
    a thu'um - a shout. Depending on the words used in the shout, a large variety of effects can be achieved: from sharpening
    one's weapons to setting an enemy ablaze. Mastery of this craft comes with a great cost, however, as even talking in day-to-day
    matters can potentially cause great destruction. For this reason, the most potent Tongues are often kept gagged to avoid any accidents.

    Excerpt: On the races of Tamriel

    The Empire's influence may have declined, but its multiculturalism has endured. Many races inhabit Tamriel. While each has their own
    home province, small populations of each can be found throughout the entire continent. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]



    Skyrim is powered by the Creation Engine. Developed in-house by Bethesda, the new engine is built
    upon the foundation of Gamebryo, but with significant improvements and optimizations.

    • Craft your own character
    • Become Dovahkiin, slay dragons and absorb their souls
    • Learn the Dragon language and use it to form a Thu’um, a “Shout”
    • Explore the nine holds of Skyrim, on foot or on horseback
    • Delve into more than 150 hand-crafted dungeons
    • Get lost in Skyrim’s five major cities, or the many towns and villages scattered about
    • Aid the Empire or the Stormcloak Rebellion in the ongoing civil war
    • Never grow bored with the new Radiant Story system, which crafts quests tailored specifically to your character
    • Dual wield weapons and even spells with the new combat system
    • Sprint to get away from danger or up in your enemy’s face
    • Pick a perk every time you level up, make your character truly unique
    Skyrim has made a lot of changes and improvements to the TES-formula. For those of us who played Oblivion,
    these are the main differences.
    • Oblivion's 21 skills have been condensed into 18 and include a few new additions like Pickpocketing
    • Oblivion's 8 attributes have been streamlined into 3 (Health, Magicka, Stamina)
    • You no longer choose major skills, each skill increase helps you level up
    • Birthsigns are no longer chosen at the start of the game
    • You can choose your character’s build, give him a beard of an impressive set of tattoos
    • Different level-scaling system, more akin to Fallout 3 and New Vegas
    • Fast-travel to undiscovered cities now costs gold, you can still fast-travel to locations you’ve discovered using your in-game map
    • New conversation system takes place in real-time
    • You can get married to NPCs of either gender
    • Radiant A.I. has been improved
    • Wildlife no longer automatically attacks you
    • Armor and weapons no longer degrade
    • Chestplates and greaves have been combined into one armor piece
    • Bows are more powerful, but arrows are a lot more rare
    • Lockpicking functions more like in Fallout 3/New Vegas
    • Spells have to be equipped before being used, much like in Morrowind
    • Third-person camera has been significantly improved
    • Backwards running speed has been severely reduced
    • Sneak status is a combination of Oblivion’s and Fallout’s system
    • Health now slowly regenerates outside of combat

  15. Dirty Sanchez

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    What is The Elder Scrolls Online?
    ESO is a Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. It has been in development since before work started on Skyrim. It brings the main areas on Tamriel together in one game. It is set before the events of Skyrim and Oblivion - the Empire has collapsed and war has begun over the Ruby Throne.

    KEY FEATURES include a fully persistent open world across Tamriel, multiplayer including up to 1500 people in Cyrodiil fighting, deep customisation (including dying armor), a very casual and accessible approach (there are no random numbers appearing on screen here - the UI is very minimal - if you played Skyrim, you know how to play this game), stealing, murder etc.


    Three factions war over the highlighted locations. The game contains PVE (Player vs Environment) - the map is bigger than Skyrim, Morrowind and Oblivion combined - with over 1000 quests. They can be tackled solo, or as a group. The game also features PVP (Player vs Player) in Cyrodiil - the map from Oblivion. In PVP, thousands of players fight over forts and Elder Scrolls (think Capture the Flag).

    There are four classes: Dragonknight, Templar, Sorcerer, and Nightblade. Classes will only give players 3 exclusive skill lines, and do not affect a character's other choices. For example, you can be a very stealthy Sorcerer who wears heavy armor and wields a bow.

    It is very important to select the right faction. You can only play with friends in the same faction - pick your side over the war in Tamriel wisely.


    Solo play
    A significant portion of the game -- hundreds of hours of content -- can be completed entirely solo. The main quests, and Mages Guild and the Fighters Guild are all solo only, for example.
  16. xkaylinh Aug 7, 2016
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    Oookay, just went through solo arena one more time and only got two wins. And that's after losing four times in a row in Versus just to complete the quests to get the gold to get into Arena. As you can imagine, the Arena rewards were shit, and the matches themselves weren't very fun, either (I got the opponent to 1 and lost the next turn--twice). So frustrating. I can't keep going like this if this keeps up. Half the frustration is that I didn't want to do Versus in the first place but had to to get the gold; it's probably my fault for wanting to play a multiplayer game solo. Yeah, I take that back, not solo-friendly at all, I'm having a shitty time. Nothing like stacking three 120-gold quests in Magic Duels and completing them all in two solo games.
  17. xkaylinh Aug 11, 2016
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    Strength-Intelligence: Redguard
    Strength-Willpower: Nord
    Strength-Agility: Wood Elf
    Strength-Endurance: Orc
    Intelligence-Willpower: High Elf
    Intelligence-Agility: Dark Elf
    Intelligence-Endurance: Breton
    Willpower-Agility: Khajiit
    Willpower-Endurance: Imperial
    Agility-Endurance: Argonian
  18. ReginaPhilange

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    Oblivion is one of my favorite games ever. Just love the environment elder scrolls has. The soundtrack is always beautiful too. I might check out Legends but I was never too into trading card games so iunno.
  19. Arena results:
    Rank 9 - 9:2;
    Rank 8 - 8:3, 9:2;
    Rank 7 - 6:3, 9:2;
    Rank 6 - 2:3, 9:2;
    Rank 5 - 3:3, 9:2;
    Rank 4 - 3:3 (today)

    I like that you can complete quests in Solo Arena. I wait to let the quests stack, so I do an arena run every 2-3 days. I was able to complete all three quests within the first three matches of my most recent arena run; that plus the gold reward earned from arena gave me enough gold to enter again--I've actually been at around 300 gold for a while now, spending 150 to enter arena and gaining about as much back each time. I don't think I've ever actually gone into the store to buy a pack. Sometimes I'd get two packs after an arena, which happened today even after just three wins.

    It does seem like the AI gets harder and the rewards get better as you rank up. The difficulty spike is kind of ridiculous when you get to rank 5, though, and even more so at rank 4. The AI can only be programmed to do so much on its own, so to compensate, it gets some really bullshit advantageous conditions sometimes. Any field condition that adds an element of RNG sways it in the AI's favor (Plunder [creatures in this lane spawn with a random weapon] being the most egregious example), and there was one recent match where it drew three Prophecy cards in one turn. Sometimes the AI just sits there, though, so it seems like it is random.

    In the meantime, while I wait for quests to stack, I play exclusively in Practice Mode. 15 soul gems for every win at expert difficulty, so ~100 every half-hour or so if the AI doesn't get auto-win decks too often. Since I also Soul Trap every third duplicate I get from packs, a lot of my cards are from Soul Summoning. I've been making a lot of race-themed decks. Just Soul Summoning a lot of silvers and blues, I've gotten enough cards for all the ones I listed in the previous post except Orc and Nord so far--I'm not a big fan of Strength. I probably like Breton and Argonian the most.

    I love that you get rewards at level-up, even though a lot of the times the upgrade is a card I already Soul Summoned (yay more soul gems!). I'm at level 22ish. Definitely having a better time here than I did with Hearthstone because this is actually quite solo friendly (I keep flip-flopping on this issue, but I think I'm right this time, except for Rank 4+ of Arena maybe being a bit too harsh), and even though Magic will always have my heart, Duels had way too many game-breaking bugs even months after release, so Legends, which is technically still in beta, might actually be my favorite. Let's just see how well the gameplay holds up as time goes on.
  20. Rank 4 - 3:3 (sunday), 8:3 (today)

    I didn't beat the Arena boss, but I still ranked up? I guess things are going to get harder still.
  21. My collection completion has been fluctuating anywhere from 38% to 48% because I keep Soul Trapping hahaha...
  22. I think I'm losing more often now in Practice mode at Expert difficulty. I really hope it's not secretly linked to Solo Arena rank. I'm using different kinds of decks, so it can't be me. I've tried almost everything. Whenever I'm losing it's usually because the AI is pulling purple after purple and prophecy after prophecy and multiples of legendaries. This used to be a decent way to get soul gems, but now it's gotten really frustrating. The auto-win decks are plaguing the mode like it's been programmed to tell me to get back into PvP after a certain level.
  23. There seem to be caps on how much xp you can earn in practice mode and soul crystals you can earn through solo arena and practice mode rewards.
  24. sophos34

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    I’m playing ESO again it is SO good maybe the best mmo on the market right now? That I’ve seen anyway, it’s way way way better than wow at the moment.
  25. TJ Wells

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    They had Skyrim SE in the PS store for $15.99 and I couldn't resist. I have now purchased Skyrim this many times:

    Xbox 360
    PS4 (twice, as I had a PS4 early in the cycle and then had to sell it)