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The Early November/ Have Mercy / Owel Tour

Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by ncarrab, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. ncarrab


    The Early November announced its fall tour today with Have Mercy and Owel. Dates below:

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  2. koryoreo


    Finally TEN comes to Portland! They've been skipping us forever. Stoked to see Have Mercy as well considering the new songs have been outstanding.
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  3. Sheriff77


    Do we know if this is actually “The Early November” and not “Ace and the Hired Guns”?
    I know that the other TEN boys have jobs and other commitments and play on random dates. It would be nice if those days were indicated.
  4. HelloThisIsDog

    Trusted Supporter

    "Ace and hired guns" is nothing new by this point
  5. fourstarters

    Team Wiggum

    The last time I saw TEN, Jono Diener was playing drums for them.
  6. Arry

    it was all a dream Prestigious

    ugh a MONDAY. we're old now Ace, I need my sleep.

    but i'm so stoked. the closest i've seen early november is when Ace played as I Can Make a Mess 9 years ago at Warped Tour. Who knew I would see I Can Make a Mess before TEN... who played Baby Blue(!)
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  7. chyleban

    *nods silently*

    I desperately need/want to know the answer to this. I love Ace, but if it's the OG TEN, then that changes everything. Anybody seen this confirmed anywhere? I saw Joe, Jeff, and Serg all shared the post in some fashion, but nothing more.
  8. kidblink Jul 23, 2019
    (Last edited: Jul 23, 2019)

    Regular Supporter

    I doubt it’ll be OG lineup. The promo picture posted is without Serge and Joe

    I’m also pretty sure joe has tweeted before he’s done touring, and I saw him in the crowd last year at their show at the TLA with the dangerous summer. I feel like Jeff has been doing a week or two of shows for their past couple tours and could see him doing that again for this.
  9. TJ Wells

    Trusted Prestigious

    Unless is incomplete, this is their first headlining show in Portland since 2007.
  10. blinxspot


    Don't sleep on Owel. I'm just as excited for them as I am the rest of the bill.
  11. ImAMetaphor

    absence 8/20/21 Prestigious

    This is 100% incorrect, ha. I saw them headline in like 2014.
  12. TJ Wells

    Trusted Prestigious

    What? Where? I lived in Portland then and feel like I would’ve been at that.
  13. ImAMetaphor

    absence 8/20/21 Prestigious

    It was an acoustic tour. My date was Lansing Michigan. They also headlined last year full band in support of Imbue.
  14. TJ Wells

    Trusted Prestigious

    This absolutely didn’t happen, it got cancelled cause it was supposed to be at the analog but it shut down.

    Edit: Did you read my initial post as "This is their first time headlining anywhere?" I meant just here in Portland.
  15. ImAMetaphor

    absence 8/20/21 Prestigious

    Yes I did oops sorry
  16. TJ Wells

    Trusted Prestigious

    Yeah, it's crazy. The only times they've even been to Oregon in the last twelve years are for the Taste of Chaos down in Eugene, and then 2013 at Warped Tour.
  17. Matt504

    Regular Prestigious

    They haven’t played New Orleans since the Take Action Tour, so I got y’all all beat lol
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  18. Tom

    It's way too late, or much too early Prestigious

    Joe hasn't played with TEN live in like 2 years I think. Serg I believe is moving away from the Philadelphia/NJ area. And Jeff lives in South Jersey but works a full time gig. He and his wife are expecting another child. And Bill has been on every tour in recent years.

    If this tour is like previous tours, it will most likely be Tom Ryan on bass, and Nate Sander will be on probably be on guitar. Jeff will play a handful of shows and there will be a fill in for the rest.
  19. Got tickets to Chain Reaction. Haven't been there in easily 8 years. Pumped for it.
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  20. musicmendsbrokenhearts


    According to members of Serg’s solo project, he’ll be on the entire TEN tour and working in a few dates for his solo stuff
  21. TJ Wells

    Trusted Prestigious

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  22. isavedlatin

    I'll show you the life of the mind Prestigious

    Man, waiting to see them all my life. They wanted to go to Southeast Asia but no one was willing. Lucky that I’ll see them next month. Though wishing Joe was there.
  23. Nolessthanblink

    Are You Watching Closely?

  24. CuttingMyFingersOff


    *smashes that "buy ticket" button*

    Particularly excited for Have Mercy. Ready to cry when they play "Let's talk about your hair"
  25. CuttingMyFingersOff