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The Early November Begin Teasing

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. SayHello


    I'm ready.
  3. artbynickferran

    Guessing a 10-year vinyl pressing, but a few full-album shows would be pretty crazy.
  4. noKings


  5. Anthony_

    A (Cancelled) Dork Prestigious

    This is not a drill.

    PleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePlease do some shows.
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  6. red8ge


    3 hour one band show plz
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  7. Serenity Now

    deliver us from e-mail Supporter

    Have they done full-album tours in the past?

    I would find it strange that they would do one for this trilogy.

    Thought the resounding opinion was that this release was the least favorite thing they ever put out.
  8. SayHello


    For causal fans, yes. For hardcore TEN fans, most of them consider it their best release. It's also their best selling, if that means anything to you. And they have never done a full album tour but they have played select dates commemorating TRTC.
  9. John Zafran

    As If Everything Was Held In Place

    this is my fav album by them.... in currents is up their too.

    was imbue comprised of in currents b sides? Some amazing songs on there tho
  10. SayHello


    I think just 'Harmony' was from the In Currents' sessions. The redone Digital Age is obviously as well.
  11. pauldunions

    Regular Supporter

    This album had Hair?
  12. Tony Rivali


    Already have this one on vinyl. Would lose my shit if it was a show where they play this album in full.

    Already dead just thinking about it...
  13. mattylikesfilms


    I would say I'm a pretty hardcore fan of TEN but I think this record has some flaws. The Mechanic is perfect ("Outside" still gives me feels) but I only love half of The Mother and could kind of care less for The Path. I appreciate the whole experience they were trying to create but it just isn't for me.

    Regardless, this triple record has a lot of their finest songs to date. Would be an easy purchase if they repress it even though my record player is broken. Imagine if they released demos and bsides and made this a 4x4. Hot damn!
  14. mattylikesfilms


    In other news; Imbue has finally connected fully with me and I would say that record beats In Currents for sure!
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  15. Serenity Now

    deliver us from e-mail Supporter

    Oh nice. Guess I'm remembering it wrong a bit.

    Kind of confounding that it was their best selling but least liked among casual fans.

    I really enjoyed TRTC myself. Would have liked an album show for that!
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  16. mattylikesfilms


    The Room's Too Cold is a goddamn classic as far as I'm concerned. The production is a little rough but it was 2003 to be fair and these dudes were barely out of High School at that point anyways... which makes the album even more impressive in my eyes.
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  17. marceting


    Haha my ex-band recorded our first EP at the same studio where The Room's Too Cold was recorded with the same producer. I was bitching about the way the snare sounded but my bandmates said that was the studio's "signature sound".
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  18. mattylikesfilms


    Nice! Yeah Chris is a drummer himself but I don't like the way he records drum tones and what not. Either way, the TEN records he produced are still great. Did he share any stories from the studio about TEN?
  19. shogunTORTOISE


    To me, this is their best album. Never get tired of it.
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  20. kidinthebushes


    They did two The Room's Too Cold shows.
  21. marceting


    We were 16/17 years old at the time so recording was an intimidating process and he eased us into it by telling us all young bands have trouble sometimes in the studio. Nothing really specific about TEN but their album was hanging on the wall and we all chatted about how the process went and what they were looking for sound wise.
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  22. twisterman2006

    Trusted Supporter

    The Philly date of that was the same night I ended up (somehow) grabbing tickets to the Brand New discography show in NJ. Obviously went with Brand New and ended up seeing Your Favorite Weapon/Deja so I can't complain, but still bummed it ended up being the same night. Would have loved to see that album played in full.
  23. ncarrab

    Prestigious Supporter

    This album has become my favorite TEN album. I didn't care for it much at first, and actually, it probably took me many years to truly and fully appreciate it, but I can definitely say it's my favorite. A lot of filler on The Path, but I mean, what would you expect with three albums?

    Figure it Out is probably one of my all-time favorite songs.
  24. mattylikesfilms


    Good stuff my dude.
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  25. Eric Wilson

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