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  1. Dog with a Blog

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    Yep. I’ve had dreams where I’ve been completely in love with someone and it’s perfect and then I woke up and was like damn
  2. White

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    I’ve had dreams where I’ve died and woke up profoundly disappointed.
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  3. Carmen SD


    It’s likely. I recall having a dream then waking up feeling really depressed and drained. But I don’t remember if it was a good or bad dream
  4. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    I had a dream last night that I think it was like my sister's roommate had a cat who hated me and started scratching then biting me and obviously the cat's owner was like this sweet kitty would never hurt anyone

    In hindsight this may have been an allegory
  5. Dodger

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    I haven’t seen IT since September and I had my first dream where he basically was killing people left and right. I punched him into literal juice which for some reason I had to put in some bottle thing to trap him because he could regenerate but I turned to grab the bottle and when I looked back he was reformed sitting in a chair and looked like Pennywise in Jabba the Hut form. His mouth was like hanging from the side of his mouth

    Long story short it was one of the worst nightmares I’ve had in awhile
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  6. Carmen SD


    Is anyone out there in to dream interpretation?

    I had another dream that had a huge swimming pool (this one had a really deep end too). I don't remember the how long ago was last time I had a swimming pool dream (maybe within the year?), but these are some of the things I've found about the interpretation.

    "An outdoors swimming pool in a dream suggests that you will be lucky in love. A swimming pool filled with water portends good business ahead. If the water in the swimming pool is clear, this means good health, but if the water is dirty, this omens worries" I disregard the part about the dirty water since the water was clear and clean.

    Other finding talks about emotions " a swimming pool suggests that you need to acknowledge and understand your feelings. It is time to dive in and deal with those emotions. You need to cleanse yourself and wash away past hurts. Consider the depth of the pool. If you were swimming on the deep end, then it means that those emotions are deeply seated and may be harder to confront.. You will need to work through it, no more matter how difficult. If you are swimming on the shallow end, then it implies that you should be able to easily deal with your feelings." I can understand the relation to what has been going on in my life to this statement
  7. Raku


    So I had a dream I was back in a creative writing class, and somehow our work ended up online. At first we didn't know about it, but then later found out, and there was a website that had people commenting on our work that we shared in class. I even had my own tag with my real full name.

    Which seemed be cool at first with a few comments being positive, but then there were a few nasty comments basically calling me a hack. Then somehow one of my critics showed up in person, and it wasn't fun. My classmates, friends, and even I had to defend myself.

    Wasn't a great dream, but it's crazy how the mind works like that.
  8. Jacob

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    had a dream I was getting a tattoo on my forearm but the needle was going bone-deep so it just turned my arm into this bloody muscle-y pulp. Then I had a dream I was in the army shooting at people and then we got flanked and I was like well we're all fucked. just wondering like y the violent dreams tho.
  9. Carmen SD


    My anxiety so bad rn I fell back asleep and had a dream about work and that I was being made last min to work the entire weekend despite it being my weekend off and I was stressing over my paycheck, that they dropped me again from insurance. Now I’m more stressed out. I have no money and I expected to have some left over after I pay bills but not anymore. I have over time that shouldn’t have made my check 200 dollars short
  10. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    I dreamt last night that Taylor Swift was telling me about how she was getting into vinyl after Jack from Bleachers introduced her to it and she was talking about Lana Del Rey

    No I don't dream that every night guys
  11. scroopy.noopers

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    I keep having dreams that are like a continuation of my nights before sleeping and I hate it; they're very vivid and it makes question my memories.
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  12. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    I dreamt that I was at a taping of SNL and first I was kinda bummed that Aziz showed up
    Then on the way out I felt lame because I walked past Alec Baldwin and got starstruck even though he sucks, then Jeff Goldblum started talking to me and because it was late and I was tired and I was anxious about not knowing where I was supposed to go I called him John for some reason and was immediately super apologetic because I don't want to be a dick to Jeff Goldblum but he was chill and unfazed and gave me his phone number for some sort of project
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  13. Dog with a Blog

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    Just had a dream within a dream and it really fucked me up cause I thought I slept through my shift
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  14. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    getting Inceptioned while working at a movie theater is very fitting
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  15. scroopy.noopers

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    the other night i had two wild ass dreams back to back and i'm hating myself for not writing them down. i just remember the first one was like a really heavy scifi thing. it was so serious. i almost died.
  16. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    I dreamt that for some reason I was by my old college campus and I was trying to find where I was staying, also trying to figure out why I was there, my parents were also there and staying somewhere else
    first I accidentally wandered into some sort of Rupaul's Drag Race event, then I kept looking for where I was staying, then I finally got to the place which turned out to be a hotel, and not student housing like I thought, and there was a wedding and Rachel Bloom was performing
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  17. St. Nate

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    I had a dream the other night where Tinashe revealed her feelings for me. And I was like... ''oh if I knew before..." and she was like "how could you not?"

    She was also ready to get down buy I was like "no I have a girlfriend now, I CANNOT!" and was overwhelmed with guilt by the situation.
  18. Lucas27

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    I had to dig up this thread just to share this dream because this was my first Chorus Fm dream that I can remember:

    In real life, I can get self-conscious about how much I joke around on this site. In one sense, it feels like the only way I know to let my authenticity shine through on the internet. In another sense, I know humor doesn’t always translate well so who’s to say. And I’m...unique.

    So in this dream, I made an especially awful joke in the Academy Awards thread (which I’d looked through right before I went to sleep). The internet crickets were a-chirpin’ so in typical me fashion, I quoted myself and commented sarcastically, “Hey, why didn’t anyone like my joke?” Then suddenly @Jason Tate comes out of nowhere and replies very seriously, “Uhh. Because you’re not funny.” This received many likes.

    I tried to comfort myself by believing that the post only got a lot of likes because Jason Tate said it, but I was troubled by this for the entire rest of the dream. This is especially impressive since it was a Groundhog Day-style dream where I kept waking up in the same day and each day I had to kill the same assassin who was trying to kill me.

    Come to think of it, maybe the assassin was a deeper representation of my insecurities which could only be truly defeated once I received the proper amount of internet validation. Whoa. I’m like really deep.
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  20. Lucas27

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    It's a lose-lose. If you "like" the dream, you cater to my dream self's bizarre need for acceptance, which is lame. But if you don't, my dream self might have to keep fighting an assassin, which is tiresome. Which will it be, @oldjersey?
  21. I just appreciate the transparency Lucas, keep doin yo thang
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  22. Lucas27

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    Thanks bro. I thought it was hysterical because it’s so unlike me irl (TRULY I don’t care all that much) but I know there’s got to be that hint of truth in there too. Dreams are funny. So is the internet.
  23. Carmen SD


    I had a really weird dream that I received a post card from a guy saying basically that he’s sorry we didn’t work out and that he still thinks about me. In the dream I’m like wtf. The thing is this guy ghosted me (it’s been about 5 years?), left me heart broken. We were never officially together but people knew we liked each other etc. Not sure why I’m all the sudden getting this dream
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  24. Mr. Serotonin

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    Check your mailbox.
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  25. Carmen SD


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