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The Decemberists Launch Board Game

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 4, 2016.

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    The Decemberists have posted up a board game on Kickstarter. The game was designed along with illustrator Carson Ellis and game designer Keith Baker. It’s called Illimat and there are a whole lot of options for purchase.


  2. selfreliable


    They dont even tell you how to play the game? It's cool that they are putting out a game but I'm not holding my breath that the game is any good at all.
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  3. coleslawed

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    there's still like 9 months until the game is released, they're not going to give it away so someone else can put it out before they do.
  4. selfreliable


    That isnt how boardgames work at all. I mean it is already backed so good for them, but a big sign of a poor game being kickstarted is that the makers dont put up a PDF of the rules/how to play. They arent going to be ripped off by posting the rules of the game and someone else come along steal it, get different art, get it produced, get it shipped from the warehouses, and get it into customers hands in under 9 months.

    They are also asking that you pay a lot for a game that seems to be played with cards and a cloth and perhaps a box. The components arent much, but they are asking you to pay like it is.
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  5. TriangularDuck

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    yeah, I was initially excited, but this one threw up big red flags for me. I'm relatively picky about the games that I kickstart, and have gotten good at finding the winners and losers based on the content of their campaign, and this one just doesn't seem like a winner. the designer doesn't have the best track record to begin with IMO, gloom is a godawful game and I haven't heard of any other games that he's done. It's to the point where I'm immediately suspicious of a campaign that doesn't have a print and play or tons of impressions from a major convention or reviewers that aren't known shills (coughcough undeadviking cough)

    and don't get me fucking started on campaigns that are like WOW LOOK AT ALL THESE COOL MINIS and there's a game here? we guess????