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    Hmm. That certainly lowers my expectations. The A.V. Club review def highlighted the fact that the characters seem aware they’re in a movie. Not sure how I feel about that. Thanks for the info!
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    Sure. Let me know what you think!
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  3. I had a lot of fun with this. If you have the opportunity to see an advanced screening of this in Cleveland with a crowd that’s gonna get a kick out of the Cleveland references, I suggest you take it lol
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    gonna catch it tonight
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    quite enjoyed this. thought the meta-nature was handled pretty well, though i get why some might be off-put by it. i just love his writing style, fuck man, this ruled.
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    this was great.
    I need a GIF of Adam Driver pulling up to the diner as fast as him in his smart car.
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    Is she misinterpreting the joke or this really what this movie is?

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    it seems like someone trying entirely too hard

    the movie has some problems. pretty clearly not one of them.
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    kinda both?
  10. coleslawed

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    like she nailed the theme but maybe didn’t also get the humor/absurdity of it?
  11. thought this was alright. definitely funny but a little slow at times.
    other thoughts spoilered:
    - Sevigny was underused imo, thought her death was pretty dumb as well
    - other biggest complaint was that some characters had like hardly any good lines (like Mindy and the kids in the detention center) then Adam Driver and Bill Murray got all the jokes
    - the character names Zelda Winston and Posie Juarez definitely one of my favourite jokes
    - Tilda's walk was also amazing. unsure of my thoughts on the kind of cartoonization of her basically doing yellowface in Doctor Stange
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  12. also this was my first Jarmusch movie
    @ people who have seen more of his filmography: where would you rank this among his other films? which would you recommend to watch next?
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    I liked this film
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    Hated this