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The Data and God Are Raging Inside Me

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Sep 15, 2017.

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    Gwilym Lockwood has attempted to look at the Spotify data and map out Brand New’s music over the years:

    My clustering algorithm identified three main types of Brand New songs:

    1: “Hard and upbeat” (Loud, high energy, more dancey, higher valence)
    2: “Soft and quiet” (Acoustic, low energy, quiet)
    3: “Hard and intense” (Loud, high energy, less dancey, lower valence)

    Your Favorite Weapon has a lot of type 1 songs (e.g. Seventy Times 7), while Devil and God has a lot of type 3 songs (e.g. You Won’t Know). Science Fiction has an even spread of all three. Hover over the points for more information, and click the cluster guide or the points to highlight the data across the graphs.

    There’s some pretty interesting stuff to play around with here.

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  2. Kingjohn_654

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  3. CyberInferno Sep 15, 2017
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    Your puns are on point lately, sir.

    EDIT: Actually relevant comment: I don't particularly think the description of these categories fit with the songs particularly well regarding Science Fiction. The album has grown on me from my first spins, but this album is very mellow as a whole. I certainly wouldn't classify 2/3 of the songs as "loud, high energy" which two of these categories use. Does "Waste" strike you as "'Hard and upbeat' (Loud, high energy, more dancey, higher valence)"? Or "In The Water" as "'Hard and intense' (Loud, high energy, less dancey, lower valence)"
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  4. Colin Your Enthusiasm

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    I hope the content is as cool as the headline.
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  5. Smittzerland

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    This is pretty fucking cool
  6. adleon18


    This is really cool and I am sure it took some work. I really like the part of the "Song typicality", it made me realize that I am more of a non-typical Brand New song type of person. Kudos to the creator!
  7. EarthShifts


    Love this. The main part of my job involves building dashboards with Tableau, and I always love to see what people are doing on their own time in Tableau Public.
  8. incognitojones

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    I had an old concept for objective album reviews that was similar to this, basically identifying the types of songs on an album, so if you like a certain energy you'll have a better idea whether or not you'll like an album. Maybe I should learn tableau and get on this.
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  9. disambigujason

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    In my head deja is primarily an acoustic album. Guess not lol
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  10. SuNDaYSTaR

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    I like that they've addressed some data issues; I would hardly classify Jesus Christ as a "hard and upbeat" song, for example.
  11. CyberInferno

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    Thanks for pointing this out. Going to check it out again. Glad I'm not the only one who was really scratching my head at the original categories.