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The Dangerous Summer - All That Is Left of the Blue Sky (December 4, 2020) Album • Page 3

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by astereo, Nov 4, 2020.

  1. Mr. Serotonin

    I'm still staring down the sun Prestigious

    :musical: I wanna go to the ocean
    I wanna see where it ends
    I wanna solve all the puzzles in my head

    but I guess that’s nothin new :musical:

  2. TimeBandit99


  3. atlas


    Uhhh what the fuck
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  4. The Comfort

    Newbie Supporter

    Apologies for my last post, whoever saw it, it was way too full on, my bad. Ironically was in the peak of my adhd medication and was a bit too intense.

    Just genuinely curious if AJ might have ADHD, there isn't anything wrong with that, it's just a different brain chemistry to neurotypical, it's not "wrong".

    AJ has posted about Adderall A LOT and at least when they played my city last year they had a card at the merch desk asking for weed and adderall, and because of him mentioning it a lot I actually went to see my psychiatrist a month ago to see if it might help me focus on things, then turns out my almost lifelong depression was caused by having undiagnosed ADHD and now being medicated it's absolutely insane the difference it has made. So literally shout out to AJ for helping me change my life for the better.
  5. WasEmoRocknowImjustold

    Not newbie, I think

    That post explicitly implies he takes Adderall for ADHD.

    ADHD is very common but also can be really challenging.
  6. The Comfort

    Newbie Supporter

    I don't really know too much about the USA medical system (I'm Australian) but if he has ADHD should be not be able to get a prescription for medication rather than asking for it from strangers?
    Mine does cost $130 a month though, not cheap unfortunately, so that could answer my own question.

    Very challenging, since being medicated I do not know how I managed 30 years without it haha

    Sorry not trying to put anyone off here, but a lot of people just take it that don't have ADHD, that is also very common, that tweet doesn't 100% mean he has ADHD.
  7. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    Quick answer: Adderall is a very popular drug to use for non-ADHD reasons
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  8. sammyboy516

    Regular Prestigious

    They had a card asking for people to give them pills? Lol
  9. SamLevi11

    Trusted Supporter

    I really vibe with these songs, it's great to see a band experimenting and seeming to be hitting their stride creatively.
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  11. Mr. Serotonin

    I'm still staring down the sun Prestigious

    I mean the next line after “I took some pills to help my thinking” is “and now I’m thinking worse”

    Just let the man write lol
  12. TimeBandit99


  13. thekingofnaps

    Don't stop until you finally have it.

    Fuck Them All was super catchy, Come Down is a great display of songwriting, I'm Alive feels very boring. So I'm not super stoked as I wish I was for the EP.
  14. manoverboard365


    I've been playing the hell out of I'm Alive. It's just a simple feel good tune.

    I remember that AJ said one of the songs on the EP was written almost solely by Aaron. the Spotify credits for I'm Alive says Aaron Gillespie, and he's listed first. I wonder if this was that song?
  15. TimeBandit99


    Interesting. I forgot about that. The woke up on magnolia and lyrics all really sounded like A.J style so I guess I didn't wonder otherwise
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  17. smowashere


    Man doesn’t stop
  18. Steeeve Perry


    I'm Alive is stuck in my head all the time. Nowhere near their best work but as a single it's a great choice. I actually think that if the last chorus just built into super-melodic bridge/outro (like they have proven well and truly capable of) it could have elevated the song right up there with their best work.
    Mother Nature didn't lack much at all but a couple of those classic TDS bridges would have made it even better.
  19. TimeBandit99


    Yes it ends rather quickly. Or fades rather quickly for such a short song. I think a kicked in chorus woulda elevated it as well. It is growing on me tho!
  20. Craig Manning

    @FurtherFromSky Moderator

    I definitely want the War Paint bridges back. Those are what really elevate that album for me.
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  21. Steeeve Perry


    Agreed, a couple of tracks on there I'm kinda 'eh' on but then the bridge hits and bam song is great
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  22. beachdude

    I'm not brave Prestigious

    Finally checked out the Broken Glowsticks song... probably my favorite song of everything AJ has released this year so far. The new TDS songs are great too, though.
  23. Steeeve Perry


    Liking the Broken Glowsticks song a lot just not sure why it isn't a TDS song
  24. WashedOut


    Just re watched AJ's patreon stream, his voice sounded perfect. The new Broken Glowsticks song gives me Hey There Delilah vibes. He's released some pretty cool demos on there too, definitely worth the $10 so far.
  25. Rowan5215

    An inconsequential shift as the continents drift.

    "Coloring My Head" from the Patreon demos is so fucking cool
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