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    Not here. Isn't happening.

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    @Your Milkshake maybe it’s cause you always torment us with the ketchup stuff, I dunno, but I saw this and thought of you for some reason

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    The press conference was supposed to start at 12 but I’m still waiting.
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    Starts in about 50 minutes.
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    Yeah I’m guessing it’s 12 pacific time
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    learned about this pretty wild story today

    Activist Predicts Death, Says The Cops Killed Him | Fresno People's Media

    tl;dr guy in Fresno thinks the local Sheriff's department is out to get him and pretty much predicts his own death. the link has A LOT of security video footage from outside his house. the two most outrageous videos show like 3-4 cop cars park across the street and all the cops get out and just pow wow right across from his house late at night. the other, a van pulls up and starts filming his house from across the street which a huge camera that some believe is thermal imaging.

    when he died he was stabbed multiple times and his house was set on fire. i guess a local police rep said he was stabbed in the back, which they later denied. the coroner ruled it a suicide but wouldn't comment on if he died by stabbing or smoke inhalation. and stabbing yourself multiple times seems like a very painful / hard way to commit suicide.

    certainly seems like something was going on.
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    Only 20 minutes into this but so far it’s fantastic

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    So, someone just posted the following in my private neighborhood Facebook page:

    On Tuesday morning about 3:30 AM a neighbor who is not on FB (but he said I could share) was out walking his dogs before he had to leave for work. He went about his usual way down N Settlers towards the school, but he kept hearing something as he was walking away from his house. As he was returning back to his house he noticed something on the sidewalk of his neighbors house. He wasn’t sure at first what it was so he got in his car so he could have the headlights on to see. It was two young girls just sitting there on the sidewalk back to back. They were maybe 5 or 6 years old, possibly 7. He went up to them and asked them if they were OK. They did not reply to him. They didn’t say a word. He did not recognize them and he knows pretty much all the kids around us here. So he called the police. The police came closer to 4 AM but he had to leave for work so he couldn’t stay to find out who they were or who they belong too. He tried to call back later yesterday but they told him they couldn’t release any information because they were minors. It’s seriously still freaking me out. It freaked him out too. Anyone have any idea who these girls may have been?

    Now all my neighbors - in the comments - think there is some sort of human trafficking going on.
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    Whoa. Absolutely wild and terrifying, even based on that small bit of information. Certainly hope everyone is alright, but really unnerving.
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    One woman in our neighborhood said she felt so sick to her stomach that she called the police asking questions. She was told the girls were actually 13 (not sure how person thought they were 5 or 6) and had gotten a ride out to a home in our neighborhood, but there was a 'disagreement' at the home and the family requested that the girls leave and get a ride back to another city close by (where I guess they were from). So the girls were sitting out there waiting for a ride.

    My neighbors are still very skeptical...why would someone kick out young teens at 3:30 in the morning on a Tuesday...and why didn't the girls respond to the man asking if they were OK? A few of my neighbors are convinced that it's human trafficking. The cops wouldn't tell my neighbor which house they were kicked out of, but my neighbors were kind of doing an inventory of families who live near the location of where the girls were sitting outside and none of the homes close by had teens around that age (which would mean they wouldn't likely have teenage friends staying over) although the girls could have very well walked to a different area of the neighborhood and sat down somewhere.

    Either way, pretty fucked up.
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    I don't think it's uncommon for teenagers to get kicked out at random times/days depending on the family and what's going on but it is a weird situation
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    Very true. I think my neighbors are more concerned because A) they didn't respond to the man asking if they were OK and B) It appears as where they were sitting on the road, there are no immediate nearby homes with teens of their own. Like, the houses they were sitting in front of didn't have teenagers, so it wasn't like the two teens were visiting another teenager in the neighborhood. However, as said earlier, you could walk around my entire neighborhood in like, 20 minutes, so it's entirely possible that they walked down a street or two from the house they were originally at.

    It's also entirely possible that they were equally freaked out that some man was driving around asking if they were OK and instead chose not to respond.

    Knowing all the other things that have been posted in my neighborhood Facebook page throughout the last 4 years, it's very likely things are getting blown out of proportion but it's still unsettling to think about.
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    Idk it it’s too weird that they didn’t answer him. They may have been scared shitless. I know I would be if someone suddenly shined headlights on me and approached me around 2-3 am lol

    Freaky for both parties for sure

    Edit: just saw you said basically the same thing lol
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    I had sleep paralysis maybe two months ago where I suddenly had this feeling of panic and thought “shit, it’s 4:00am. They’re coming at 4:00, they’re here now.” I keep a tower fan at the foot of my bed because I don’t have AC. I snapped myself out of it by screaming, bolting upright, and smacking the shit out of the fan. I got a good laugh out of it when I woke up the next morning and saw my fan on the floor but in the moment it was terrifying.
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    sleep paralysiss sucks so bad. like you know when its coming and you know what it is but you still can't stop it or not be terrified.
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    There might be a serial killer in Philadelphia
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    getting ready to head out for a creepy drive through some forests in the middle of nowhere. been way too long since i've done one of these, and what better night than a blood-red moon night, right.
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    All the enemies you've killed will re-spawn during a blood moon, so it's actually a perfect night to farm for materials and shit.
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    Oops sorry. Been debunked, just three weird murders in a row in the same area over a week
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