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The Complicated Genius of Morrissey

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 23, 2016.

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    Sean Nelson, writing for MTV, all about Morrissey:

    If you were born after 1990 or didn’t grow up in London, Manchester, or Los Angeles, there’s an excellent chance your only knowledge of Morrissey consists of music blog news dispatches about cranky statements he’s made on the subject of animal rights or British immigration policies or the music business. Or perhaps you’ve seen the odd mention of an aging English singer with a reputation for being a “miserablist” whose robust cult audience would happily follow him into hell while the rest of the world cheered their departure. This is unfortunate, because, while all those things are true, Morrissey and his former band The Smiths have a legitimate claim to having transformed the culture and sound of indie rock and pop in far-reaching ways.

  2. robb


    The problem's clear to me - you never got over Morrissey.

    Fantastic piece, as is to be expected from him.
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  3. ianzandi


    I THOUGHT HE DIED FOR A SECOND THERE DAMMIT. I think I'm just paranoid this year
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  4. Former Planets


    Harvey Danger forever.
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  5. caseyaylward


    This is one of the better written articles I've read in quite a while. A fantastic read trough and through.