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The Color Morale Release New Covers EP

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. johnnyferris

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    Comeback Kid too! I haven't listened to them since their second full length, but I'll check this out for sure. Great choices
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  3. I'm here for it
  4. You know...I'm not convinced they're saying the right lyrics for "Stare at the Sun," haha
  5. nomemorial

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    Misery Signals cover?! Alright, I can get behind that. Wasn't digging the vocals on the Comeback Kid cover, but the rest sounds pretty good.
  6. JamesMichael

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    What the hell happened to Misery Signals? They were awesome in my college years.
  7. _unproductive


    I think that anniversary tour was a one off. They hate their original singer, they hate their last singer. I have yet to watch the doc. they made. Hopefully that sheds more light on it.
  8. carrytheweird

    Misery Signals released Absent Light a few years ago which was crowdfunded. It was an excellent album, I think better than Controller by far. I have never heard of them having any bad blood with either vocalist. I just know that they all live in different states now with families/kids/jobs preventing them from ever being a full time band again. With that said though, they did bring Jesse back for the Malice 10 year tour, and they've played a few one off's since that I believe. Last I heard, they're working on a new album with Jesse actually, but there's no determined date of release.

    Easily one of my favorite Melodic Hardcore/Metal bands ever. I'm actually worried to hear this cover.
  9. Dust Of Fallen Rome


    I actually really like these guys, and I was pretty apprehensive hearing this because, barring Coldshit, I also love the artists they covered a lot too.

    Having heard it, I was quite impressed. They're all very much just straight-ahead covers and that's fine. The Comeback Kid cover is absolutely banging, and very much carries the spirit of the original. The Thrice cover does a pretty good job too - nothing different and very much playing it straight, but still very good. The Coldshit cover is just awful, but that's probably because they were covering a Coldshit song and imho, those turds just cannot be polished. The Jimmy Eat World cover is good, again nothing special but I'd listen to it if it came on a playlist. The Misery Signals cover was stressing me out the most because I love that band so much but fuck me, they did it well.

    Also I wonder/hope this is an ongoing series from Fearless Records, not just a one off from TCM. I'd love to hear what Real Friends or Grayscale or Wage War or Varials pick if it is.
  10. _unproductive


    interesting... they trailer for their documentary made it seem like there was still bad blood with Jesse. Haven't watched it yet, so they could have very well worked through all their issues.

    I've always heard through the grape vine that they didn't get along great with Karl.
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  11. KyleK Oct 30, 2017
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    That was my impression too. That they're spread out across the mid west (Canada and the US I think?) and all have their own things going on (music and otherwise). Definitely hadn't heard anything to think they had problems with Jesse or Karl, although possibly there were logistical conflicts with them doing different music projects.

    As for debating their albums, although I think Absent Light is objectively really good, it blended together for me more than their previous 2 albums, and personally prefer Controller more. But that might also have to do with seeing them on tour a lot during the pre- and post-Controller tour cycles, and being more into heavy music back then.

    Edit: the post above mine went up as I was typing this, but I haven't any grapevines when it comes to them, so it's totally possible they actually did have issues with their vocalists. Karl once stood up for me after I got spin-kicked in the head during an opening set before theirs, so I have some bias there too.
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  12. Behind the Barricade

    This was interesting. The CbK cover didn't click for me but I think it might've been the wrong song for them. It seems like the vocals couldn't keep up to the original version's. I could get behind a Partners in Crime cover though. The Thrice song was good. Coldplay, excuse me, "Coldshit" was an odd choice in Fix You and I think a hard version of Clocks would've worked well. JEW/Misery Signals were solid. All in all, I'd like to see a part 2 version with even more random songs haha
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  13. KyleK

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    Any time there is news about The Color Morale I first think of Colour Revolt, and then get disappointed when I realize nothing's coming from them.
  14. Dust Of Fallen Rome


    TBH I mostly liked this for your use of 'Coldshit'... Spread it along plz!