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The Classic Crime Band

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Colin Your Enthusiasm, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. Colin Your Enthusiasm

    It's nobody's battle but your own. Prestigious

    Kickstarter link: The Classic Crime's follow up to "Phoenix" by The Classic Crime — Kickstarter

    Crazy that it is almost fully backed considering it was only posted a few hours ago. I'm excited for this. I think The Silver Cord is their best work but Phoenix is a very close second. Also their Acoustic EP: Seattle Sessions is very solid. Great band looking forward to their follow up to Phoenix. Anybody else like them here?
  2. Benjamin Lee


    The fans of TCC are really impressive. It backed in three and a half hours. haha The band's good though.

    Vagabonds > Phoenix > The Silver Cord > What Was Done: Volume 1 > Seattle Sessions > Albatross.
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  3. Ben

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    I enjoyed Albatross back in the day when it was released, but for whatever reason I never listened to another one of their albums. I'll get on that.
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  4. Colin Your Enthusiasm

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    You should they have some gems in their discography.
  5. Benjamin Lee


    Albatross is by far their weakest output. Recommend going to Phoenix next, it has elements of every release on it and is probably their most cohesive album. :-)
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  6. awakeohsleeper

    I do not exist.

    My favourite release is definitely the Seattle Sessions EP. I don't know if that's something that anyone would agree with.

    Always find it pretty impressive at how quickly their Kickstarters get funded. A band with a dedicated support base.
  7. josephcissell


    Love these guys and I am so excited to see they’re well on their way to putting out some new music early next year.
  8. ianebaldwin

    Interview between Jake Denning and Matt MacDonald of The Classic Crime.

  9. Benjamin Lee


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  10. Colin Your Enthusiasm

    It's nobody's battle but your own. Prestigious

    Seems like only one song is explicit which is probably a swear word or two no big deal. Cool to hear the clips seems pretty soft though, hopefully there are a few bangers.
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  11. Benjamin Lee


    It seems the chorus of Wonder says "fuck". I don't personally care, but it'll be interesting to see the backlash from the Christian community. It seems to be like, 50% chill, and 50% not. Though 30 seconds can't really say whether or not chill songs build and become bangers (like Beautiful Darkside, or Heaven and Hell)
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  12. Colin Your Enthusiasm

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    They are on Bad Christian so it should be ok lol
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  13. Benjamin Lee


    Well, King's Kaleidoscope said "fuck" in a song and that got a ton of backlash so I don't know.
  14. Colin Your Enthusiasm

    It's nobody's battle but your own. Prestigious

    New song this week!!!
  15. Anyone else suddenly had their social media behavior randomly pop up? I haven’t thought about this band in years, and the rare times I check my Facebook feed, their page suddenly appears. It made me take notice of their recent (or maybe I didn’t notice earlier posts) hypersarcastic and snarky persona and, of all issues, their willingness to die on a hill concerning NFTs.

    I know it’s a bit weird to bump a thread that was inactive for so long to not even talk about their music but I’m seeing how they’re handling it and interacting with their fanbase, and I couldn’t help but feel second hand embarrassment for them. Just wondering what anyone else thought about this.
  16. awakeohsleeper

    I do not exist.

    I don’t usually use social media. I’ve had the occasional email from them and knew they were dabbling in NFTs. How are they interacting with the fan base?
  17. Crisp X Oct 15, 2021
    (Last edited: Oct 15, 2021)
    I can't manage to embed Facebook posts so I'll do my best to share a few screenshots.


    I know they're in sarcastic mode currently, but I can't help but find the way they're shifting their engagement to be... off. Throwing around "haters" at people bringing up fair criticisms against NFTs seems really corny and it also showcases quite a dated sense of humour from the person in the band writing these posts and comments.

    I guess they basically admit in the last screenshot and a few of their comments that they're being intentionally inflammatory to use the algorithm to their advantage, but at what cost? Many of their fans have expressed their discomfort with the way they're engaging, or even saying they don't want to support them anymore, and that only seems to empower the band even more. Parasocial fan-artist relationship wise, I'm really confused by their attitude, and I'm wondering what they're trying to achieve with all this.
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  18. Brodobaggins34

    They fixed your brain when you were young.

    Yeah, I had to unfollow them on all social media a few months back. Love their music, just don't love their engagement with people. Not trying to say they're bad people at all or anything like that, they just rub me the wrong way a lot. A similar thing happened with Emery for me.
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