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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Tim, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. aspeedomodel

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    Labeled podcast this week seems to be on them as well! Stoked to listen, feel like they have such an interesting arc.
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  2. JRShoenberger

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    Showbread was a band I totally missed on during the years I listened to that type of music.

    I'm about halfway through the Labeled episode, and it's pretty cool so far.
  3. awakeohsleeper

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    Sorry started a new job and haven’t been able to get on here. I love it. Love the vibe and find it very relaxing to listen to at all times. My wife loves it too. He’s got a nice voice and I think you realise that more because it isn’t a worship album. I’m pleased he’s branched outside the worship genre a bit.
  4. SeeTheLights

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    Listening to the labeled podcast makes me realize how the stories I thought were interesting not as much as I thought they would. Growing up, tooth and nail, was “label” for me, pretty I knew everything they put out I would like, or at least know it was quality. Granted I’m a little younger so the golden years for me was early to mid 2000s for me.

    still the label has/had a huge place in my life for music.

    also, the labeled group on fb is quite unbearable imo lol

    also, after listening to the KJ-52 I remember growing up hearing his music through the local Christian station and thinking it was corny, Christian hip hop has definitely grown a lot since then. It also made me forget John Reuben was a thing. It brought me back to this song, I totally forget about it. Can’t tell if it’s a guilty pleasure or it holds up still
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  5. JRShoenberger

    I review board games on IG: @jordanplaysblue

    Yeah. I’m most interested in the episodes about bands I liked. The others aren’t as appealing to me. I’d love to hear an episode on Bleach. They’re probably my favorite T&N band of all time.
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  6. Tim

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    The KJ-52 episode was surprisingly good. In spite of always loving dc Talk & TobyMac, I never got into any other Christian rap until Lecrae; really, dc Talk & TobyMac appealed on the pop level, not rap, lol. But, KJ just sounds like a really honest, humble, smart, hard working dude. I appreciated his thoughts on being a white rapper, the Christian music industry, & pop music vs more artistically ambitious music.
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  7. aspeedomodel

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    Yeah, it's such a mixed bag for me. I think Matt took this whole new direction and finding the "story" of Tooth and Nail a bit too seriously. Feels like he sometimes has an agenda with a specific band/artist and isn't asking questions as much as leading them to say something he wants or flat out just says it himself even if it may not feel natural.

    The Showbread one is a great example as I felt Matt was trying so hard to get Josh to head down a specific path during the interview and no matter how often it failed he kept steering it that way. It's like he knows what the episode is about before he has the artist chosen and tries to force the two which seems weird and backwards.
  8. SeeTheLights

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    I think the format of this season is much better then the first one, like the first one felt awkward - especially episodes of further seems forever and the mewithoutyou episodes. They tried to get info so hard from Chris from FSF which felt awkward and weird, even though FSF is one of my favorite all time bands and always wondered how he came into doing Dashboard Confessional. And the mewithoutyou felt forced about the trope about Aaron Weiss being this charismatic guy who ate food out of dumpsters, like they try too hard to force stories with some truth to them.

    I’d love a story about Craig’s brother, they were one of those first bands I loved and the whole Christian/non Christian thing fascinated me, before internet days changed everything
  9. cyclones_37

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    Yes, I would love to hear about Bleach, such an underrated band. The podcast talk about bands that left T&N but I'd like to hear their take on coming to T&N from another label. dc Talk/AA/Forefront first got me into music before I got into T&N bands and Bleach was a big part of bridging the two for me.
  10. justin.


    Jarrid Wilson, a youth pastor at Harvest Church Fellowship, tweeted this a few hours before he committed suicide yesterday. So very tragic.

  11. a nice person

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    I go there. It’s devastating. He officiated a funeral yesterday of a person who committed suicide. Gotta think it triggered something in him to go to that dark place. I’ve felt sick about it since this afternoon.
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  12. jjnunn118

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    This is hitting me hard. Been following his work for a couple years and a big supporter of Anthem of Hope. Absolutely heartbreaking
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  13. aspeedomodel

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    Truly heartbreaking.
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  14. justin.


    Sorry to hear this, friend. One of my pastors committed suicide years ago and I can relate. My DMs are always open.
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  15. coleslawed

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    I feel like this is gonna shake up the Christian world quite a bit. he was a great advocate for mental health.
  16. Tim

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    A (normally obnoxious af) Facebook group I'm in for pastors & international workers in my denomination had a surprisingly good response to that death. A lot of people sharing how they had experience wrestling w/ suicidal ideation.

    This in a group often weighed down by nonsense like debates over women in ministry, eschatology, & whether "Reckless Love" is a good church song. I was really worried there'd be some BS over people just needing to pray more or suicide being demonic or whatever, but the first person to share the link sharing their own struggle w/ it must've helped.

    Anyways, yeah, suicidal ideation is real shit, whether you're filled w/ the Spirit, etc., or not. Shout out to the people who have the boldness to be open about their struggle. It's a battle w/out easy answers, but God is good.
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  17. aspeedomodel

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    Returning to Showbread's Anorexia/Nervosa for the first time in FOREVER. Was not a fan when these came out and even after, I just couldn't enjoy them. Always ranked them at the bottom. I think I even tried 1-2 years ago but didn't make it through the album.

    Well, they are hitting me pretty hard now and clicking. Man, this has some of their heaviest stuff on it...
  18. chhholly123

    i had a bad feeling

    Those are my favorite releases from them by far. Never really clicked with their other stuff. I remember pouring over those CD booklets, reading along with the stories and dissecting the lyrics. I listened a month or so ago and thought it held up pretty well.
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  19. aspeedomodel

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    I feel like they'd end up middle to upper level. Showbread is Showdead remains my favorite. It is everything I love about them, perfect way to end.
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  20. aspeedomodel

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    "And little babies starve to death, emaciated, out of breath
    Unfaithful wives make vows untrue, husbands beat them black and blue
    Junkies vomit in the streets, writhing, twitching in their skin
    Sell themselves to die some more, rotting from the outside in
    Parents steal the innocence from their children, scared and shaking
    Drink away the guilt at night, brings quiet to the endless aching
    And evil men boast on TV, swimming in a sea of wealth
    While misery beds honest men, and lonely people kill themselves
    And everyone cries out Your name, as the world is raped by selfishness
    And no one knows the way to heaven, we only know the emptiness
    And the storm it rages in my heart, and the endless empty roars in my ears
    My world is coming all apart, I’ve no strength left to dry my tears
    And through it all I hear Your voice, breaking my heart, breaking my will
    Calms the storm inside my soul as You whisper "peace, be still..."

    You place Your hands around my heart, You quiet the emptiness in me
    A king that kneels, a God made a servant, You set the captives free
    You wait for me, a wretch of a man, no record of wrongs do You keep
    You are comfort when I mourn, You are strength when I am weak
    Jesus Christ, the king of kings
    Though we ache, though we cry, never break, never die
    We sing of His great love again and again
    And His love reigns forever, and forevermore
    Forever and ever, Amen"

    Never ceases to give me chills. I love this band,
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  21. justin. Sep 21, 2019
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    The new album from Empty was released and its a banger. AOTY contender. Not only are the aggressive moments good but this band could survive with just their clean vocalist at the mic.

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  22. SmashRipsaw Sep 21, 2019
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    Didn't know this came out already. Will give this a good listen.

    Edit: You're right, their vocalist is very good. The album is a bit rough around the edges, but a solid debut. I like that they're not afraid to experiment with different styles.
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  23. justin.


    I’m very excited for their future if they continue to experiment and solidly themselves as a band.
  24. Hey friends!

    I know there are a lot of good friends, fans, and supporters in here, so I wanted to share some awesome milestones that happened for me this weekend!

    First, I released my debut solo single "Matter" (which can be streamed anywhere) along with the first thing that can be called a legitimate music video (although it leans heavily toward just being a guitar playthrough). I'd love for y'all to check it out, tell me your thoughts, share it around if you like it, etc.

    RIYL: Mae, Switchfoot, Jimmy Eat World, Paramore, Dustin Kensrue

    Alsoalsoalso, if any of you really likes the song, I'd love for you to consider pre-ordering the upcoming album! You can read the story behind the album, hear some instrumental previews, and check out the limited-time pre-order bundles here: Pre-Order Chase Tremaine's Album
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