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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Bad Frequencies, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. skurt

    Sleekest of beaks. So Good.

    I'll leave some of my current favs here as well.

  2. Davjs


    Are all of these from this year already? 2019?
  3. skurt

    Sleekest of beaks. So Good.

    It's been a great year!
  4. Yes, old man David
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  5. Davjs


    Dang, I have a lot of catching up to do. I'll watch all those videos (except for the cover band one of Blink 182). You guys know I'm just sitting here waiting for my dudes to drop their album:

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  6. I have screenshots of you saying you liked the blink song. Don’t even
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  7. Nate_Johnson

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    @Davjs you might like the last 2-3 videos I posted.
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  8. Davjs


    The fact that you would go through the lengths to photoshop fake screenshots of our conversations is horrible. I'm telling dad. :clap:
  9. skurt

    Sleekest of beaks. So Good.

    And he'll be blamin it blamin it on his youth
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  10. disambigujason

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    That trade wind album is so good. Voice reminds me of Dustin kensrue.
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  11. ugman_2000

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    Hey hope everyone in here is doing well. I’ll have to check out some of these releases everyone’s posted about. I haven’t really been keeping that up-to-date with new stuff this year.

    These are some songs from releases that I have been digging though:

    The latest Angel Du$t album is just so fun and puts an instant smile on my face everytime I hear it. RIYL: Fun Indy jams

    Devin Townsend released quite possibly his most ambitious album yet which is no mean feat with his sprawling 30 year career. This album is probably my aoty so far, it’s such a great listen, especially with a decent pair of headphones as the production on it is ridiculously textured. RIYL: A batshit fusion of metal, prog and rock backed by a choir and orchestra.

    I’ve also been a a bit of a Country kick this year, and in particular I’ve been enjoying both the latest albums from Maren Morris and Cassadee Pope which both lean on the pop end of the Country spectrum. RIYL: pop jams

  12. bachna84

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    i meant to post something on the 1 year anniversary but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    it’s been over one year since @DustinStarset graced us with their presence

    @SamLevi11 has been (unfairly) accused of making a fake account, but i choose to believe that it was, in fact, the real dustin

    in any case, justice for sam
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  13. Nate_Johnson

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    Miss you CMCS!
  14. Micool1

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  15. Me personally I just don’t have time to run it like I used to with my wife and I’s Work schedules. If someone else wants to run it and what not, I’m fine being the Tom DeLonge to their Matt Skiba and letting them run with it
  16. Micool1

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    It could work, as long as you regularly post cryptic hints that you might come back one day.
  17. skurt

    Sleekest of beaks. So Good.

    He also needs to shamelessly promote some other project people have little interest in.
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  18. bachna84

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    i’m out until @SamLevi11 gets the public apology that he’s due
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  19. SamLevi11 Sep 30, 2019
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    Not going to happen though is it haha.

    The person who knows who it was refuses to say, and because of that Jason doesn't know and therefor won't admit he was wrong to publically verbally attack me like he did. Just one of those things...

    I just try avoid any threads he might be in :)

    P.S. Y'all should listen to Bearings - Blue in the Dark
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  20. bradsonemanband

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    I'll write a review of the first album someone recommends to me right now! Hurry!
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  21. bachna84

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    Bearings - Blue in the Dark

    do it for @SamLevi11

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  22. bradsonemanband

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  23. bradsonemanband

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    1. WHERE YOU ARE - I had no idea what to expect since I've never heard of this band before, but wow, what a way to kick off an album! This song's a jaaaayum! If the rest of the album is at this caliber, I'll be very happy.

    2. AFOREMENTIONED - I was hoping for 1-2 punch of bangers, and this one isn't quite what I was hoping for. Feels more like a middle-of-the-album kinda track, but it's still really good. I'm still in.

    3. EYES CLOSED - This one feels like a Wonder Years song and I'm into it. This one has a similar vibe to "Aforementioned" in terms of a half-time chorus and upbeat verses, but yeah, it's still really good. I'm glad I've got this in my ears this morning.

    4. BEAUTIFUL PLACES - This one's a slower jam. I'm starting to think that the opening track was just a one-off. There haven't been any songs so far that hit as hard as "Where You Are" so I think I need to re-adjust my expectations of what this album is going to be like. This song's really great too though. Not a bad song yet.

    5. BLUE IN THE DARK - Just about to the middle of the album now and I feel like each track is getting slower and slower as it goes on. Not necessarily a complaint though. This song is a beautiful one. The guitars remind me of Bleed American era Jimmy Eat World.

    6. STUCK IN A DOORFRAME - This one's picking up the tempo again. I really like what the bass is doing in the verses. Chorus is catchy too.

    7. CARELESS CLARITY - This one sounds like it should have been on the radio back in the 90s and I'm all about it. Great use of acoustic guitar and piano while still keeping the energy up with distorted electric guitars and a catchy melody.

    8. HEAR ME SAY - I really like this one. Kind of reminds me of something that would have been on The Starting Line's first or second albums.

    9. GOODBYE (TO ALL OF OUR FRIENDS) - Does this band have any bad songs? I love this song too! I like the screamy background vocals in the choruses/bridge. The gang vocals at the end of the song is a cool touch too.

    10. TIDE - I thought this song was going to be about the laundry detergent. Just kidding. A nice little acoustic song that kind of feels like an "it's almost the end of the album now. let's take it down a little bit one more time." Great riff. And the tambourine is cool too.

    11. LOVE AND DECAY - Solid way to round out the album. This song's a jam! The only thing close to a complaint I have about this album is just about all of the choruses blend together since they're pretty much all half-time, but honestly, that's hardly a complaint because I love half-time choruses too.

    This was a great album and I'm excited to listen to it again. Thanks for the rec!
  24. bachna84

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    don't thank me, thank @SamLevi11!
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  25. SamLevi11

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    Absolutely love this band, and the EP before it too. My favourites are every track.

    In all seriousness it is Aforementioned, Eyes Closed, Blue In The Dark and Careless Clarity but I genuinely think every track is an 8 or 9.

    They are on tour supporting Grayscale so if you live on the East coast they will probably be hitting you this week.
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