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  1. I've been kinda bored by this season but Kam became a GOAT in this weeks episode
  2. NJPunkMusic

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    Yes and no. Worked once which was cool, but should have done it later in game. I cant really stand her to be honest. Especially with the robe. I hope the Paulie makes it back in the house just for some good old fashion chaos. But that means no more CT :(
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  3. NJPunkMusic

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    Im 34 and still cant get enough of the challenges (except champs vs stars.) I really hope they continue these. Not loving all the new blood, but some of the characters have grown on me. Bananas getting so old he has no friends now.
  4. wordzanddreamz

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    It the weirdest turn of events I went from hating jozea on champs vs stars to kinda linking him on this season of the challenge
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  5. NJPunkMusic

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    I was saying the same damn thing until like 2 episodes ago. Would be cool to see him get pretty far. So many characters I have started to really dislike that I used to be ok with. #1 would be Shane. I still like the vets like Johnny, Tony, Cara, Zach, and CT the most.
  6. Bananas just recorded a new pod with Bill Simmons probably will be released tomorrow. Always good material.
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    it’s already out my guy
  8. Well my podcast app SUCKS
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  9. This is a very long season and I am not complaining. Season started off meh but has really amped up the past month. As long as Bananas is still in I'm happy.
  10. NJPunkMusic

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    Wish this thread got more interest. Have been a huge challenge fan for way more than a decade. This season has been just as good as previous Dirty 30 seasons. Nothing too crazy. I hope Bananas and Tony take it. Cant stand the TYB and Lavender Ladies. So happy Shane is gone. Next season is already filming. Nice to see they arent giving up on the challenge like they did with the real world.
  11. wordzanddreamz

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    Yeah I’m enjoying this season. The alliances are getting out of control. It would be cool if they put some kind of twist in next season that brought turbulence to the alliances.
  12. stayillogical

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    That elimination with the math climbing pegs is going down as one of my favorites ever. I'm a math teacher haha and I was so damn proud of Kam for planning out and double checking her math before anything else. As soon as she said that, I knew they were going to win. That was amazing. I really think Kam is a powerhouse.
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  13. stayillogical

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    I'm done with Bananas after what he said to Devin. He can't claim any moral high ground ever again.
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    It really pisses me off that Bananas is cool with Tony after he did the same thing that Sarah did to him. Granted he could still “take the money and run.”

    He has always been extremely misogynistic though. I shouldn’t be surprised
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    Whatd he say, I haven’t kept up
  16. NJPunkMusic

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    But imagine if Tony took his money and ran. karma
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  17. NJPunkMusic

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    I think he crossed the line a bit, but come on Devin had it coming. Dude was being a total douche following Bananas all around the house and outside tormenting him.
  18. wordzanddreamz

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    I can also guarantee you someone told him to say something and maybe even told Devin that it was gonna happen. Reality isn’t reality anymore haha
  19. I'll have to catch up on this sometime. I'm like 8+ episodes behind lol
  20. NJPunkMusic

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    worth it. wish I was 8 episodes behind cause one episode a week is tough lol. Would love to watch 2 episodes a day instead lol. just not the reunion shows which they drag out.
  21. wordzanddreamz

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    Holy fuck
  22. stayillogical

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    Worst finale ever? Beds? Wine? What the hell.
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  23. meggers


    This was such a weak final. No all night portion? Of course the worst team won. I was really pulling for Joss and Sylvia. The reunion should be interesting.
  24. NJPunkMusic

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    Yes very lackluster finale. They got to sleep in warm beds for godsakes lol. The only thing that made me happy was the fact that they didnt make it two episodes. My final thoughts are How did Ashely and beat Hunter? He was down the ladder first, ate way more than here, walked on coals and jogged just as fast as her.. I have disliked her since she was on the real world, but kudos for her for screwing Hunter over. I didnt realize how big of a dick he was to her. But man she is a head case.
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  25. marsupial jones

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    Just finished the finale - holy fuck.

    Season as a whole was fun, like usual. Shane though really gets old. Acts like he runs the game but physically can’t do shit which like 75% of what is needed.

    TYB I really dislike. Hilarious to see how Corey got removed from the game about 5 seconds after entering the house lmao

    How did Marie ever make it on to one of these shows let alone like 5 seasons???! She’s awful in every conceivable way

    Finale was lame as shit, as others have said. At least they told us who won unlike two years ago (?) with the bullshit “find out at the reunion!”

    But all they did was run, stand and eat stuff. What the fuck was that.

    Didn’t like the team that won but liked the choice that was then made.

    Paulie made a dumb Grenade move, although I don’t think the other option would have moved them to first anyway so no big deal there aside from the next season when he’s inevitably paired with Joss or something
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