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The Challenge (MTV Series, formerly Real World vs. Road Rules) TV Show • Page 10

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Trotsky, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. NJPunkMusic

    Die rad.

    Ha I agree 100% on both Cara and Kyle. Funny thing is I kind of like Pauly too. I think Id like him better without Cara though. Turbo cracks me up. Cant tell if I like him or if he is jsut the biggest baby. I dislike Ninja and Dee and Wes is just there. Thero is ok. Never was a fan of hunter.
  2. RJ Knorr

    Regular Supporter

    I’ve always been a big Cara fan but this season she’s rubbed me the wrong way. I don’t know if it’s related to her and Paulie being together and her attitude/personality has changed? Are the producers giving her a bad edit? Something just seems different
  3. meggers


    I feel the same about Cara. I usually love her but this season something just seems off with her. Paulie seems more insufferable this season too. Not a fan of most of the new people except Mattie, I love her. I’d love to see some older vets come back.
  4. bobby_runs

    where would i be if i was my brain Supporter

    I can’t stand at Paulie. He sucks and is totally playing for tv time. His whole “I want to put hands on him” Thing is awful and really off putting.

    As for Cara I used to really like her (even had a celeb crush) up until the season she hooked up with Thomas on the bus. Mainly because of her reaction with Abram. Ever since then I’ve liked her in challenges but not the game overall.

    I also can’t stand Bear but I feel like that’s really him. He’s one of the new people that isn’t playing up for the cameras.

    List of camera/screen time peeps:
  5. brentkid


    Yeah, Cara stinks. I don't think I'd mind Paulie as much if not for the Cara connection, although his tough guy act is SUPER lame.

    Turbo also seems legitimately insane with the mentality of a 5 year old. I didn't really have an opinion of him up until his argument with Ninja and Dee, but woof, he's nuts.

    Hunter is lame too. Such a low IQ player of the game matched with being way too emotional.

    Bear was a maniac but I sort of loved the run he went on. When players can back up the talk it makes for pretty fun dynamics with other people.
  6. NJPunkMusic

    Die rad.

    Im in the same boat with Bear. I actually enjoyed Bear and the pots he stirred this season. Wish he would have stuck around longer. I really dont even know who I want to win this thing now. Probably Turbo or Wes. Theo possibly. And for the girls Mattie
  7. bobby_runs

    where would i be if i was my brain Supporter

    I’m mostly a fan of Wes. I think in most of his seasons I’ve pulled for him.
  8. Groogz

    Tranquilo Prestigious

    Apparently it's actually the opposite for him. I think it was Dee on a recent episode of the Challenge Mania podcast who said something to the effect that when the cameras aren't around, Bear is relaxed, fun, and gets along with most people, but once the cameras come around he's looking for something to do to stir shit up and get their attention.
  9. NJPunkMusic

    Die rad.

    Bahahaha loved the results of both eliminations tonight. especially the mens
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  10. meggers


    So glad to see Paulie go. The cockiness finally caught up to him.
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  11. stayillogical

    Thank you and good night Prestigious

  12. NJPunkMusic

    Die rad.

    Wow tonight 1st half of the final was insane. This is by far a crazy final challenge. I really dont care who wins, but lol at Cara and the needle. And ofcourse the 2 DQs were tough
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