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The Car Thread • Page 17

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by jorbjorb, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. colorlesscliche

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    I just got my car back after dropping off to get my driver seat repaired. I've been driving around with it like this for a year. I don't know why I waited so long. Feels new again.

    Imgur Image

    Imgur Image
  2. Ken

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  3. dylan

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  4. Ken

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    Thanks! It took forever but the wait was worth it, especially since today BMW decided to offer up to $500 off the first two months of payments haha.

    Did you end up getting a new Subaru? I can't remember, but I know you were looking.
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  5. dylan

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    that's a great offer! what are some of the features you are excited for on it?

    Yeah, i got a subaru outback xt late February


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  6. jorbjorb


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  7. BlueEyesBrewing

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  8. Ken

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    Thanks everyone!
    Oh that’s right! It looks great!

    It’s all wheel drive, has a backup camera, nearly 300 hp and 300 lbs of torque, and I added some nice touches like the performance exhaust and the 19” black wheels and the spoiler!
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  9. Ken

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    And it’s a 4 cylinder so nearly 40 mpg highway!
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  10. Ken

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    Sorry haha I am slightly a car nut so please excuse my over-excitement.
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  11. colorlesscliche

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    That BMW is a beauty.

    I have an Outback as well, love it. Enjoy it @dylan
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  12. disambigujason

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    Hi guys, new to posting in this thread but i lurk a bit. I’m in the market for my first car that I’m purchasing myself, wondering if you all had some thoughts?

    deciding between a 2020 rav4 hybrid (depending on what I can find, either XLE or XSE) or a 2019/used Lexus ux250h. Im struggling bc they each kinda appeal to different things I want and I’m having trouble weighing priorities. I do travel, but I’m coming from an 08 civic coupe so either feels like a massive cargo upgrade. I like the more upscale feel of the Lexus and the interior is beautiful. I do like the RAV4 XSE exterior the most, and tbh I weigh that quite heavily, but I find the interior good not great. Depending on the day I go back and forth on whether I like a small, low to the ground ride or wanting a new, more powerful high-up feeling. I’m not huge on features and can find what I want in either offering.

    I’ve got some test drives coming up so was just curious if anyone with more experience evaluating cars or weighing priorities has some different perspective.

    also that bmw above is sick.
  13. subplotofcrows

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    You probably can’t go wrong with either. A few things:

    You may be able to find a brand new UX250h on sale right now. I just searched and I found one for $5k off MSRP at $33k, cheaper than an XSE RAV4 Hybrid. Your results may vary though.

    The Lexus will give you luxury cred. This is probably a plus for most people. The interior should be nicer or just as nice as the top trim RAV4.

    The Lexus has a terrible infotainment system with an old-ass touch pad. It’s bad. If you need to live with this car often and for a long time this is a major thing to consider. I would probably decide against the Lexus for this reason alone.

    Just try to think what really, truly matters to you. You’re coming from an older smaller vehicle, so as you said, either of this will probably feel bigger and ride higher. The quality in both will be better and both will feel more upscale - the Lexus probably slightly more. That said, Toyota has been making higher quality improvements on their vehicles with features and designs that sort of rival their own Lexus products. The major trap people fall into is overbuying a vehicle they don’t need, loaded with features they’ll barely use.

    my advice: get the RAV4 hybrid, you can probably score a deal on one too. You’ll get a bulletproof vehicle at a price lower than the Lexus, probably with cheaper insurance, and a more modern infotainment that doesn’t seem like it was ripped out of a 2013 car. Is also wager a guess that the RAV4 will depreciate less than the Lexus, even though they’re both known to hold their value. I think less people are in the market for a Lexus hybrid than the Rav4, which sells like hot cakes.
  14. disambigujason

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    Thanks for writing this up dude, appreciate it. You bring up some interesting points I’d previously thought of differently. I’m surprised you said the touchpad is so bad and seems outdated. I’d read reviews that there’s a learning curve, but I thought it seemed really modern. Tho I guess the display itself could be outdated regardless of the touchpad. Test drive will sort this one out.

    I’d been leaning towards the Lexus bc I’ve found a couple in the ~30 range and given msrp of 36+ it seemed like really good value. Better car for equal or less than some XLE I’ve found. I did find an XSE for 34; how much do you think one could reasonably have knocked off an already-reduced new car?

    I do plan to keep it for a long time, but on top of my perceived value proposition I also thought the Lexus would hold value longer, being that one year used means the most rapid depreciation is gone, it’s a Lexus, and I figure the impending RAV4 prime with tax incentives would quickly drive down rav4 prices.
  15. subplotofcrows

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    yeah, your results will vary on the touch pad. I would not be surprised if a redesign gets rid of it entirely though. I was looking at used IS models before and it was a complete turn off for me.

    An already reduced RAV4 probably doesn’t have much give to it price wise. You may be able to knock off 10% if the dealer really wants to move it. You can try to haggle this by saying “I want this car, but at this price to cover my tax/title/license fees.” Might work, might not.

    The Lexus will probably maintain a strong real value - like the KBB value - but I guess what I meant is that the market for that kind of car may not be able to get you it’s value if you try to sell it. Think of it this way: say you buy the Lexus for $30k out the door, a 2019, with 10k miles. In two years, let’s say it’s got 45k miles and is now worth $25k and may want to sell it (hypothetically, I know you plan to keep it long.) the value proposition to sell it with 45k miles for a slight discount off of a brand new, discounted new one may not be there. You could maybe assume luxury vehicle buyers are wealthier, and they may just want to buy the new one at the discount anyway. I don’t know what the market for used luxury hybrids are, but I know there’s a lot of other used hybrids in my area from tons of manufacturers that sit for a long time.
  16. disambigujason

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    ah ok, i see what you mean, thanks that is very helpful!
    after i drive i may DM you some finer questions if thats cool
  17. subplotofcrows

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    No prob!
  18. subplotofcrows

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    Not to double post but I finally bought a car like 5 years after I said I would. I got a 2017 Mazda3 Grand Touring with a manual transmission. It’s great and I love it. Not exactly the enthusiast car I wanted but it’s close and has all the bells and whistles I want.
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  19. Saygoobu Aug 10, 2020
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    Hello guys! How do you usually clean your cars? What equipment do you use? Of you prefer to go to the service? Personally I don't have such service near my house, so I want to find some decision for home usage. I read recently about pressure washers which are suitable for home use, how do you think it is good idea to buy such device?
  20. colorlesscliche

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    Depends on time. If it's real bad and I don't have a lot of time, I'll head to the car wash that's about 2 miles from my house.

    But I just use Meguiars soap and my hose.
  21. Iain

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    Hands down the best company vehicle I have had so far.

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  22. Ferrari333SP

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    Time to start an OnlyFans

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  23. Brent

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  24. theagentcoma

    yeah good okay

    so this is where I go to get advice on how to buy a new car huh
  25. Brent

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