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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Deborah Remus, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. popdisaster00

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    Coming from Minnesota is not that different though.
  2. Stephen Young

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    This is disgusting. Was hailing heavy last night. I pulled out my winter jacket in May.
  3. drewinseries

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    Visiting Montreal for the first time this weekend. Staying at the W Hotel, anyone have food recommendations?

    Plans as of now are:

    Friday night: arrive get dinner near hotel/chill around area
    Saturday AM: Mile End area
    Saturday Mid: Biosphere
    Saturday PM: Old montreal
    Sunday AM: explore close by, heading back to boston by 11ish AM
  4. JamesSparrow


    oh neat, there's a few of us!
  5. the rural juror

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    Sooo Banff is like the most beautiful place I’ve ever been
  6. Doomsday

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    Hope any Nova Scotians out there are staying safe & dry during this hurricane :heart:
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  7. a big ass tree fell in my parents back yard, it just missed their shed.
    I'm currently at a friend's house and we've had power flicker but it's come back every time :fingerscrossed::fingerscrossed:
    at one point a branch fell from the tree in her front yard and hit the window of her living room, no damage but it freaked us out big time
  8. MexicanGuitars

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    Is that the first hurricane to hit NS since Juan?
  9. @MexicanGuitars yep they usually get downgraded to tropical storms by the time they get to us