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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Deborah Remus, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. brandon_260

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    I mean, I just don't like the album. And that's ok. I don't need to go back to it.
  2. Deborah Remus

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    Exactly! I just don't get it at all. Single Mothers not only write better songs, but they are also phenomenal live and PUP do not come close to capturing their intensity.
  3. burnout2888

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    So I possibly have a job waiting for me in Vancouver in about six months. How hard is it to migrate from the US to Canada and become a citizen, in case I decide I want to stay there permanently?
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  4. Kennedy Jun 17, 2016
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    i dont really know the answer to this, but i do think its taking longer to get work visas right now than it was, say 3 years ago.

    3 years ago i got a 2 year visa to live in the USA (lived in ATL Georgia), and it came fairly easy. but i have friends waiting for visas to go to the USA right now that are getting delayed. so if youre going to make a move, start things as soon as possible! just to be safe

    EDIT: actually disregard all of that. that was a dumb post haha. Me and others leaving Canada to the US will be completely different than you leaving the US into Canada. so basically im not help haha
  5. DeathOrGlory

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    I like Single Mothers, PUP and Dirty Nil. They're all good and different bands that would fit super well on one bill. PUP are just more immediately accessible compared to the other two.
  6. SurreyCtrlJunkie


    I'm from Canada myself! I'm from Toronto, Ontario and I love visiting the following Canadian cities:

    - Montreal, Quebec
    - Quebec City, Quebec
    - Ottawa, Ontario
    - Vancouver, British Columbia

    The last time I went to Montreal and Quebec City - was five years ago when me, my mom and my mom's "boarding party" who came all the way from Laos (a country in Southeast Asia between Thailand and Vietnam). I really had good times back then.

    As for Vancouver, my uncle and nephew lives there. That city reminds me about the Asian population there. My mind is saturated everything Asian in Vancouver.

    Ottawa on the other hand, me and my dad are preparing to go there next month - as my birthday gift next month!
  7. jorbjorb

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    LWL are in da studio
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  8. MexicanGuitars

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    Planning on going up to Cape Breton over Canada Day weekend and I'm so stoked. Mainly cause I've never camped before and my friend is a pro and is planning everything lol, but anyone else have any recs on things to do up there? Last weekend was beautiful weather and this weekend is supposed to be too, so I'm not sure of the likelihood that we'd get three weekends in a row of 23 and no rain haha.
  9. mad Jul 1, 2016
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    Happy Canada Day everyone!
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  10. Is anyone else going to be at osheaga this weekend?
  11. DeathOrGlory

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    I saw the Tragically Hip tonight. I feel like Canada.
  12. Whatjuliansaid

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    Can anyone recommend any cool stuff in the TOR or MTL areas when I visit?

    Also am I going to die if I can't speak French when I visit the latter? I hear people can be extremely sensitive about those silly things.
  13. brandon_260

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    What are you looking to do in Toronto?
  14. Whatjuliansaid

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    To be honest I'm not quite sure. I guess I would be looking to hit up some of the music scene stuff, see some cool sights or scenic areas, maybe kind of a rural walk through or hike, seeing landmarks or museums etc.

    it's kind of last minute, was supposed to go to edm to see some friends and walk through mountain areas and other stuff but they had an emergency and cancelled so this is the next best thing haha

    any advice would be cool, it's hard looking through a billion random blogs/ guides and deciding from that. I'm pretty open to anything.
  15. brandon_260

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    In regards to museums and such, the Art Gallery of Ontario is wonderful. The ROM is cool too but it can definitely be overwhelming because its size. There's tons of cool cinemas and music venues all over town, but I guess checking those out depends on what you're after and what's going on that day.

    I don't know too much about hikes and stuff here, but there's lots of nice little parks scattered throughout the city.

    I feel like it's not a super exciting tourist town to be honest. Most of the benefits of the city come with spending time here, like getting to know the restaurants and such. If you think of anything specific you're after let me know!
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  16. Whatjuliansaid

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    Will do, thanks for the tips!
  17. You'll be fine in Montreal, it's pretty Anglo friendly.
  18. Whatjuliansaid

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    Anglo friendly?
  19. Easily navigated by anglophones is what I meant. Most people speak English (at least a bit anyway)
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  20. Whatjuliansaid

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    The few people I know who live in the area hardly speak French or don't at all haha it's a bit strange when reading about the area but it happens.
  21. popdisaster00

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    Heading to Toronto tomorrow, my first time in Canada!
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  22. Colin Your Enthusiasm

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    About time eh
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  23. chelsealouanne


    Hope you're enjoying it here. Sorry the weather is a little bad, but at least it's no snow!
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  24. popdisaster00

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    I should have brought a jacket and an umbrella!
  25. chelsealouanne


    Yes, a not so warm welcome! ;-p