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  1. danielm123


    I loved Sing, Unburied, Sing! The ending is incredible, even though I kind of saw it coming
  2. Texas Flood

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    Since I’m still waiting on The Word is Murder. I’ve decided to read The Girl On The Train to pass the time.
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  3. OotyPa


    Started Lincoln in the Bardo tonight.
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  4. wisdomfordebris

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    Good choice.
  5. wisdomfordebris

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    Any thoughts on A Tale for the Time Being and Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell? Thinking of purchasing those two.
  6. fluxyjoe

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    That's next on my list. I've heard mixed things, but I find something I love in every one of his short stories. How are you liking it?

    Reading The Phantom Tollbooth for the first time. I remember seeing it on bookshelves at the library and in my school as a child, but I never read it. Now I can't put it down, and I wish my teacher had chosen to read that in school instead of Alice in Wonderland.
  7. OotyPa


    It’s weird so far, very weird, mostly referring to the POV/narrative structure, though i’m greatly enjoying the prose. I can’t give it a fair critique yet since i’ve only gotten to page 30 or so thus far.
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  8. Vivatoto

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    Any thoughts on The Expanse series? Just started book 1.
  9. Texas Flood

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    I was finally able to read The Word is Murder and I’ve got to say, Anthony Horowitz has done an amazing job of using different methods for whodunnit books. Just like Magpie Murders, he finds a way to think outside the box and keeps me completely invested in his books.

    I can’t wait to read The Sentence is Death when it comes out the 28th of this month.
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  10. Colby Searcy

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    Hell yeah!

    I'm to the point where I'll read anything new he writes after he crushed it with his last few standalone books.

    Really really curious what tale he's gonna come up with in The Sentence Is Death
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  11. Texas Flood

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    Im the same way! His books so far have been a real joy to read.
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  12. tvck

    Dirk is my savior

    Started Dresden Files. Really enjoy the writing
  13. Horrorca


    love 10th of December - thought it was fucking awesome

    my roommate is reading Lincoln... & says it sucks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    finished le Carré’s the Spy Who Came in from the Cold & it was dope! cerebral intrigue with an economic prose & none of that 007 bs

    will finish Prometheus Rising this week & then I don’t know... maybe Blood Meridian, finally
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  14. OotyPa


    @Horrorca More than halfway through Lincoln and it definitely does not suck... though I think Saunders probably needed a stricter editor. It's a hell of a page turner but there's a lot of fluff--which is saying a lot because I usually like fluff, but the narration occasionally (deliberately?) slips into purple prose (in the hopes of mystifying the reader? not sure). Its charming once in awhile, though if it goes on too long I'm taken out of the story.
  15. jordalsh Prestigious

    huh, i thought Lincoln was incredibly propulsive and thought most of the prose was mystifying. i do get how it can be off putting though
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  16. OotyPa


    I just reached the "cacophony" part with the former slave Elson Farwell and the language was tough to wade through. I'm getting something out of it, but I definitely imagined Saunders keeping open while writing that segment

    edit- i do think that is exactly the intent of the prose in that section, but it kept me at a distance
  17. DickyCullz

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    I've only read up to...nemises games I think, but I fucking loved it. I feel like I've forgotten everything to pick up the next one though.

    also, the tv series is great, need to get around to season 3
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  18. Colby Searcy

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    I think Lincoln In The Bardo would probably not be my thing.

    Currently reading The Silent Patient
  19. ECV

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    Re-reading Just Kids this week because I graduate from my MFA program next week and it feels good to be in love in New York
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  20. jordalsh Prestigious

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  21. ECV

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  22. Vivatoto

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    I just finished. I wasn't in love with the first half, I'm not the biggest fan of mystery/detective stories but once the scope started expanding I was really getting into it. I think I'll start watching the first season, and probably read the second book after I finish Daniel Abraham's other series Long Price Quartet.

    I also just read the Three Body Problem trilogy and my bar for sci fi is unfairly high.
  23. awakeohsleeper

    I do not exist.

    Bought this second hand randomly for 99p or something like that and absolutely loved it. A joy to read.
  24. Horrorca


    he is so good!! added TTSS to my list - I’m excited

    didn’t expect to love this so much
  25. aoftbsten

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    Oh man, I just finished The Three Body Problem. What a crazy and original ride that was. My imagination was going wild for the final few chapters. I can't wait to pick up The Dark Forrest.
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