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Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Melody Bot, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. jordalsh

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    almost finished Naked Lunch. definitely different than I expected but I feel like that's all on me since I knew quite a bit about Burroughs going in. my experience with it is more appreciation than enjoyment. might watch the movie after because I'm just very curious how it translates.

    has anyone read Heller's Closing Time? not expecting anything as great as Catch-22 but I've been kind of interested in reading it.

    also, does anyone have any good recommendations for 2016 fiction? as an ENG major I spent a shitton of time in the past, I'm feeling like I want to be more current. also looking for Irish lit recommendations if you got em.
  2. moderndynamo

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    Finished up Hemingway's "A Moveable Feast" not too long ago, before moving onto "Welcome to Nightvale" (if you're into the podcast, the book is a real treat - though not a huge mind-bender). Highly recommend A Moveable Feast. Great look into the life of a young writer in the 20's in Paris and the way of life Hemingway led, as told by his perspective.

    Going middle-school af currently and re-reading B. Jaques "Redwall". Fun little read.
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  3. Just finished this the other day, so I want to reiterate my recommendation because holy shit it was so good. Started The Wise Man's Fear, which is the second book of the series.
  4. Garrett L.

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    I'm reading Name of the Wind right now as well.
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  5. Vivatoto

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  6. the movie is quite different, but I adore both
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  7. Deanna

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  8. highfidelity203

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    Funny that you mention Your Favorite Band Is Killing Me by Steven Hyden - I was JUST listening to him on the Washed Up EMO podcast. I'll have to check out his book. The Rich Cohen was just added to my "to read" list.
  9. Deanna

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    Nice! I listened to that podcast recently, too. Really like his work.
  10. Expanse


    Just starting My Struggle Book 1. I'm liking it a lot more than I thought I would be.
  11. jpmalone4

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    Check out Kevin Barry's Beatlebone. Came out late last year, and written by an Irish author. Very short, but enjoyable, especially if you like Lennon.
  12. jordalsh

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    this seems amazing, I'm gonna check it out. thanks!
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  13. Kellan

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    Has anyone read The Magicians by Lev Grossman? I'm hooked.
  14. Garrett L.

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    All three! The first one is okay, the second two are all time greats.
  15. Vivatoto

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    Just picked up City of Mirrors


    Feel like I've been waiting forever for this. Big ass King stamp of approval on back.
  16. omgrawr

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    Anyone else finish it and go through being furious and then realizing it's really brilliant after further review?
  17. saturdaysaviour


    Gonna start So You've Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson later. Already finished The Psychopath Test and Adventures with Extremists last year and they were :thumbup:
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  18. AelNire

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    I love libraries.

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  19. fastlife

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    I've read "So You've Been Publicly Shamed" and "Lost at Sea" but haven't read any others of his yet. Do you recommend "The Psychopath Test" over "Them"?
  20. iam1bearcat

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    i love books, but hate libraries. god knows how people treat items they've purchased with their own money and how they treat their kids. to think what they do to shit that's free and for public use? blugh. i like what libraries do and symbolize, but i can't rent or buy used books.
  21. AelNire

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    That's a take on libraries that I've never really thought about. I don't read books more than once so buying doesn't make sense for me. I give $100 every Christmas so they can purchase new books and they put donated by Erin or whoever and those books seemed to be handled more delicately. I'm pleasantly suprised how well cared for the books are at my library though.
  22. saturdaysaviour


    They're both fun reads but I think I liked The Psychopath Test more
  23. coleslawed

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    having worked at a library, I can say that people probably take better care than you think with library books. granted, there was always a stack that needed repairs, but it was nothing compared to the number of books that came in and out every day.
  24. Deanna

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    Just finished two 33 1/3 series books this weekend, Sleater-Kinney's Dig Me Out and Geto Boys' The Geto Boys. Both were great reads. Now I'm hoping to get in some fiction since I feel like I've had a non-fiction overload lately minus reading comics here and there.
  25. AelNire

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    If you liked The Girl on the Train or Gone Girl, I highly recommend The Ex by Alafair Burke. I finished it in a day and a half bc I couldn't put it down.