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  1. Vivatoto

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    The Wise Man's Fear is the best fantasy novel name ever. It's sitting on my shelf waiting to be read.
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  2. Dave Diddy

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    I'd certainly be into having threads for individual books or series so we could dive further into them. I'm not sure how many books or series would garner enough attention to open a thread for individually, but there's certainly some (as you mentioned), ASOIAF, Harry Potter, The Dark Tower, Infinite Jest, LOTR, House of Leaves, American Gods........ just to name a few.

    Or you could group them by author if it isn't a series like a Harry Potter, ASOIAF, Dark Tower, etc. Stephen King had a thread, you could make one for Vonnegut, Cormac McCarthy, etc. and discuss all their books in one location.
  3. ragnarokstar


    I started a reread of The Dark Tower series yesterday. I think I may import a new set from England because I want a full matching set.
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  4. Eric Wilson

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    Finished The Girl on the Train, and overall it wasn't bad, and despite some of the characters, I was hooked until the end.
  5. noxee

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    A mate from work lent me his copy of The Sandman, Vol. 1: Preludes and Nocturnes. First time I've ever read the series and it's pretty enjoyable so far.
  6. AelNire

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    I just picked up Joy Fielding's new book and it is so good right from the start like all of her other books.
  7. omgrawr

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    A little over halfway through Infinite Jest. Holy shit David Foster Wallace was a genius. So long, but so good. Sometimes I get the sense that David Foster Wallace doesn't give a shit about the reader with his use of words that I'm sure almost nobody knows and acronyms that he's made up being thrown around, but I somehow don't care because what I feel like he's just writing the exact way that words come to him in his head. The themes of addiction and loneliness are painful to read about and its clear that he has a breadth of knowledge and experience with them. There's also humor to be found in those themes at many points in the book though, as dark as it may be. Excited to keep on reading even though it will take me probably a month or two at the pace I'm going to finish up the book.

    Anyone else already make or in the process of making the Infinite Jest journey that I'm taking now?
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  8. omgrawr

    That loneliness is not a function of solitude.

    I'd love a book thread about the Game of Thrones or Dark Tower series on here. I think books are probably just a less consumed type of media than movies or TV shows, but might be worth a shot to get discussion going and see how it goes.
  9. Garrett

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    There is an ASOIAF thread. Just search for it and it should be there. I made it. I'd link you but I'm in the middle of cooking dinner. Down for a Dark Tower one, if someone wants to make it. I thought I saw someone mention making it... @Vivatoto maybe? I know we have a King thread already.
  10. Vivatoto

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    @Dave Diddy mentioned making it but he's only on book 6 so I think we were just waiting for him to finish, haha.
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  11. Dave Diddy

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    @Vivatoto @Garrett L. If one of you wants to make it before I finish book 7, feel free to. I can join in on the discussion afterwards. I was basically just volunteering to make the thread but wasn't planning on doing it until I finish the series.
  12. alex

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    In a vague sense, he's trying to make you question why you're even reading the book. The issues of addiction and entertainment are meant to reflect back to the reader
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  13. muttley

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    I want to pick up The God Delusion and Kitchen Confidential but I have a strong feeling they'll end up collecting dust on my shelf in a month. Happens every time I get a book.
  14. AelNire

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  15. angrycandy

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    It's my favorite book. I think it took me maybe six months to finish. It stays with you
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  16. itypewithmyface


    Lately I feel like I only read books and articles related to my thesis but tonight is different apparently. I'm halfway through NYHC: New York Hardcore 1980-1990 and I really, really like it. Lots of fun anecdotes, well-written interviews and honestly it's just entertaining. I also started reading Woodcutters by Thomas Bernhard. So far so good. He's my favorite author so I'm probably biased...
  17. Deanna

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    NYHC is one I've been meaning to buy, but I have so many books to read as it is, I'm not sure when I'll get to it.
  18. itypewithmyface


    Yeah I know that feeling. Thankfully NYHC is an easy book to read so I'll be on to the next one soon.
  19. Deanna

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    Nice! I'm starting Blondie's Parallel Lines from the 33 1/3 series right now so I can review it. Net Galley has been dangerous for me because I kind of overloaded myself on advance copies of books hah. This one came out March 24th though and I just got access today. Luckily the book is only about 150 pages (not sure what that translates to on my Kindle, though).
  20. nl5011

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    Has anyone checked out Keith Buckleys book Scale?

    Ive been meaning to check it out. have to order it of amazon
  21. local_corn

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    Reading Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood. I think HBO is gonna be adapting this and the rest of the MaddAddam trilogy into a series.
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  22. Dave Diddy

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    Yeah they are adapting it with Darren Aronosfsky supposedly at the helm. Not sure about a time frame or any actors attached to the project though. I really like the series.
  23. Vivatoto

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    Oh man, just found out that Patrick Rothfuss is going to be at a fantasy convention near me. Definitely going.
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  24. Currently reading and loving The Joy Project by Tony Reinke.

  25. ChaseTx Apr 15, 2016
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    Just got to the Counsel of Elrond and loving it. I have a real hard time keeping track of "historical" facts and also remembering who's who among the elves though. Well property nouns in general.
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