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The Bicycling Thread • Page 4

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by ChiliTacos, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. A Specialized Dolce!

    Started early last year on a cheap Trek Hybrid from Bicycle BlueBook to get my wet feet and to see if it was a hobby I would keep. Then in April of this year I got my Dolce. I just painted it yellow last weekend in honor of my grandma who recently passed away. It was her favorite color :)
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  2. I’m a sucker for gradients lol

  3. Kits are another reason cycling is a pricey hobby.

    The kits I do have are ones I find on clearance at Bike shops lol. Usually under $20 lol although I got the NASA one from Heavy Pedal for like $30 once during their holiday sale.
  4. Ben

    BLEDSOE CUZ I SAID SO Prestigious

    Nice! My wife tested a Dolce when we were getting her a bike and she loved it. Ended up getting a used Trek with better components for less money, but I think a part of her is sad that she doesn't have that grey and pink dolce haha.

    Also, I'm sorry to hear about your grandma. It's cool that you're able to use your bike to honor her :)
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  5. Nick

    @fangclubb Supporter

    Another rainy commute tonight. At least I won't be stuck on a tram I guess.
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  6. christopherwatkins May 12, 2020
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    I have a sports bicycle on which I ride every day right after my job. I ride a lot, I live on the pearl of the west coast and I ride from up to the bottom of the city. However, sometimes I can't ride cause of the bad weather outside so I bought a training bike that would help me to maintain my body. However, turns out my training bike makes a lot of noise and I'm disturbing the neighbors. I thought maybe a mat would help me to stabilize this situation since my bike trainer gives a lot of vibrations but if there is a good mat than the situation may change. So I am planning to buy, but guys do I need a mat under my peloton?
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  7. spreadthehummus2321

    wanna go for a ride

    lol im taking this thread popping up as a sign cuz i was just thinking i should start biking again. got a nice trail near my house that i used to ride all the time, im just usually too sore and beat after work but still i gotta at least start doing it on the weekends or something. need to get my ass back in shape after a month off from any exercise really anyway ha

    got me a hybrid bike of some kind. all i know is i like how its red
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  8. coleslawed

    Eat Pizza

    been debating getting a DH/mountain bike
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  9. thesoftskeleton


    My old bike was recently stolen so @dylan got me a new one and it’s amazing. 9128675A-6DC4-4B7A-94A8-1589182BF2AC.jpeg
  10. Weird LiBrary May 19, 2020
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    Weird LiBrary


    Anyone have any recommendations for a cheap(er) trail bike? I'm getting bored with just taking my road bike through the suburbs every day, but I'm not willing to pay in the thousands at this point in time.

  11. Anthony Brooks

    brook183 Supporter

    My Giant Escape 3 has held up very well over the past 5 years. I think it cost me $450 or so at that time. Still love riding it.
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  12. Weird LiBrary


    Thanks! I'll look into that.
  13. Brent

    Ready When You Are Prestigious

    Been trying to teach my 7 year old how to ride a bike for the last two years... never worked. Read articles, watched YouTube... nothing helped. Then, today she goes across the street to talk to some of her friends and one of them teaches her how to ride within 20 minutes. Never fell once. Great parenting moment for sure lol