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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Jason Tate, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. Joe Deegan

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    Not sure if you're aware, but they'll definitely have older variants of Only Void on tap throughout the day.

    Last year, the Brew Cafe did almost like the opposite of Only Void Day (besides the OV Zinfandel they had on) and they had a bunch of sours/saisons that were delicious. not sure if they'll be doing it again this year though!
  2. Anthony_

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    I know they’re going to have the 2018 and I think 2017 OVs on draft as well, plus a lot of other cool stuff. Also the food specials sound really good.
  3. MexicanGuitars

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    New Pollyanna opening November 1, with 24 tap lines. Need to find an excuse to get out to St Charles
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  4. williek311

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    Jean was so cool the first time I went to Tired Hands he traded me a red wine barrel aged only void bottle from his cellar for some VA beers I brought him.
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  5. sean_rugy

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    really need to go visit some friends and get to Tired Hands, long over due.
  6. Joe Deegan

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    woah. that's super cool. I'm glad to hear he's a good guy too. I feel like I always hear the opposite, with no one having any actual evidence to support it.
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  7. Cameron

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  8. GrantCloud

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    Guess I know where I’ll be this weekend
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  9. bigmike

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    Founders co-founder “opened up” to the Detroit free press saying that the culture they need right now is the founders culture of the last 22 years then later in the article says one of the people Tracy Evans said was using the N word around him is still with the company.

    Maybe, just maybe, T H E C U L T U R E is the problem
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  10. Cameron

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  11. Anthony_

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  12. irthesteve

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    I dunno if this means anything to anyone else, but I got a little crazy and bought the Black Tuesday 10 year anniversary box.

    IMG_20191026_202034.jpg IMG_20191026_202118.jpg
  13. Joe4th

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    That looks incredible
  14. OhTheWater

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    How long should I let the Black Tuesday that Steve sent me last year age? This year? Next?
  15. williek311

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    Drink it now.
  16. Matt

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    Speaking of aged beer, another year has passed where I forgot to drink this lol. Maybe this is the year!
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  17. bigmike

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    The Michigan brewers guild puts on four festivals a year: winter, summer, fall in the upper peninsula and then fall in Detroit. They’re all two days festivals except for the one in the UP.

    Well the MBG announced this morning all their festivals are now 1-day festivals (thank the fucking lord). They also announced a new festival in the spring and put it on May 16th...

    ...the same day as the world expo of beer on the east side of the state which draws 8,000+ people and is the largest festival in Michigan lol. I know Michigan is easier to operate a brewery in then a lot of states but fuck the brewers guild here sucks

    Edit: cc @Joe4th on this bad boy.
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  18. irthesteve

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    as long as you are aging it in a relatively safe temperature it can last basically as long as you want. That being said, any time you open it will be good, I actually am not huge on aging beers as they tend to "mellow out" over time and I kinda like the strength, for lack of better words
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  19. OhTheWater

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    Black Friday it is!
  20. momo32t


    I've been aging some of the super boozy Other Half stuff in a cabinet. While some of the adjuncts they use may not be as pronounced over time, I think taking the "heat" off a bit helps.
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  21. bigmike

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    I end up unintentionally aging things. I prefer all beer fresh tbh. I’m sure not every brewery does this but I tend to operate under the assumption that the beer wouldn’t be released if it wasn’t ready to drink immediately. But that is also how I keep myself from buying a ton of beer. Used to just buy and horde it cause it ‘wasn’t read’ in my eyes.
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  22. Anthony_

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    I always wind up not wanting to drink certain things right away because once I drink them they're gone :(
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  23. Joe Deegan

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    I bought three bottles of CBS back in 2017, and I figured I would age two of them because I thought they weren't going to release them again any time soon. the one bottle I had fresh and it was absolutely delicious. the second bottle I had around thanksgiving of last year and it was hella disappointing. I'm worried about opening up the third. hard to drain pour a 25oz bottle.
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  24. BlueEyesBrewing

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    I think the only beers I have left from an "aging" aspect(at least on purpose) are a couple Dogfish 120 mins, since I heard after 5-7 years they turn into a great barleywine. All the stouts I had I've drank over the last year or so. And anything with adjuncts in it isn't really worth aging on purpose since those flavors will start to disappear and that's the whole point of buying them
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  25. Anthony_

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    The only stuff I have "aging" are like wild ales and stuff like that. And even then it's not really that I'm intentionally aging them, it's more that I just am being weird and won't drink them lol
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