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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Jason Tate, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. Cameron

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    55363C53-94A8-46AD-9C89-40115E52705C.jpeg Some local brewwww
  2. djwildefire


    Drinking a 2 Towns boysenberry cider currently, and planning on cracking Cantillon Rose de Gambrinus at midnight PST.
  3. OhTheWater

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    Had a solid Half Acre Big Hugs tonight. Theyre in my top 5 consistent breweries, 100%
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  4. waking season

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    Having some Tired Hands Hop Hands. Happy New Year!
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  5. OhTheWater

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    Hell yeah
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  6. Oddpac87

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    Hit 5000 on untappd tonight. Long way to the next one of those.
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  7. Dog with a Blog

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    Mead flight

  8. chewbacca110

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    Cool flight server.
  9. jbaseball44

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    not been around here in ages but drinking lots of other half/lic/singlecut/barrier lately. living 10 mins from barrier is the best (or maybe worst) thing to happen to me in ages
  10. irthesteve

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    @Oddpac87 Oh my god, did you just use my Tavour code from 3 years ago?? I got $10 of credit from you, ha!
  11. Oddpac87

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    Hahahaha, I was wondering who I had a code from. I was going to ask around my bottle share tomorrow. I signed up back then and must have entered the code then, but never used it until a couple weeks ago. Thanks for the $10.
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  12. irthesteve

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    Love it! Now I'm going to check it out again for the first time since the first, I guess their plan worked.
  13. Oddpac87

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    My buddy mentioned them having some Side Project on, which made me check it out again. They get some surprisingly good stuff. Jester King, Rare Barrel, Abnormal, Toppling Goliath, etc. Already grabbed like 5-6 things the past couple weeks.
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  14. reid


    plus Abraxas was on there this week.
  15. waking season

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    It’s going to be a fun summer
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  16. irthesteve

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    wow! that's a long time coming
  17. Fletchaaa

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    I want to take a trip up to this brewery and just buy all their beers. Everything I've had by them has been really good but my distributor charges $8 a can whenever they get stuff in by them and other harder to come by beers. Wouldn't be too far a trip out of long Island.

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  18. Joe Deegan

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    not to mention that Tree House doesn't distribute, so someone is just going up there, buying as much as they can, and then selling it.

    technically illegal, but New York isn't going to stop them. I believe there's a beer store in Jersey that does the same thing.
  19. BlueEyesBrewing

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    And making a pretty decent penny on them since those beers are like $3 or something
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  20. OhTheWater

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  21. Fletchaaa

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    I wondered how much they actually sell them for but I don't mind paying for it once in a while since I can't get it anywhere else unless I make a trip. I would definitely buy them more regularly if it was that cost here though.
  22. BlueEyesBrewing

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    The one you posted is $3.30 I believe, and all of them are between $3-5 for the most part depending on the beer. Except their bottled stouts are much higher, around $12 I think.
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  23. Joe4th

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    I really need to make it out that way to go to Treehouse. The beers that @BlueEyesBrewing sent me were incredible and I've been wanting more ever since haha
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  24. williek311

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    So lame.
  25. Joe Deegan

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    no idea - I've just seen people post it in the Tree House Brewing Enthusiasts group before. and it usually starts a conversation on the morals behind doing something like that.

    the lack of distribution or somebody buying a ton of it and turning a profit while tree house can't do anything?
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