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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Jason Tate, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. Joe4th

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    I dream of one day having heady

    Foundation just started distributing in Michigan, this is solid
  2. waking season

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  3. Joe4th

    Memories are nice, but that's all they are. Supporter

    Thanks! My friend bought it for me for my birthday last year. I’ve had a few treehouse beers thanks to @BlueEyesBrewing and they were some of the best I’ve had. Wish I lived out that way.
  4. Matt

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    I live like half an hour from it and used to go all the time until the lines got so ridiculous. Now maybe once a year
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  5. waking season

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    I live just far enough away that it’s kind of a pain to get to but it makes going kind of a special occasion. I go maybe two times a year. I’ve yet to have a beer of theirs I didn’t like.
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  6. BlueEyesBrewing


    Yeah, everything I’ve had from treehouse has been fantastic. I think they’re the best around at NE IPA’s and their stouts are unbelievably smooth. I want to go tomorrow to get the Triple Shot they released today but like @waking season its just far enough away to be a pain to get to.
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  7. DickyCullz

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    I magpie bought (a new phrase I’m inventing meaning I got distracted by something shiny) some Modern Times Sula, a wiesse with raspberries and black currants

    So damn good.
  8. bigmike

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    Just gonna be over here crushing this Cerveza Delray lager from Brew Detroit that won a medal at GABF. Gimme all of this.
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  9. waking season

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    Stoneface is the best
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  10. Mr. Serotonin

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    damn the can looks beautiful, i woulda bought it just because of that :crylaugh:
  11. DickyCullz

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    right?! the main reason I picked up tbh. already got a few cases in the fridge but couldn't resist pretty colors
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  12. PepsiOne

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    Every Modern Times can is very attractive
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  13. bigmike

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    Modern Times is a dream brewery for me to work for.
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  14. Dog with a Blog Dec 16, 2018
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    Dog with a Blog

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    Stickee Monkee 2016 (Belgian quad) by Firestone Walker.

  15. irthesteve

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    that's some goooooodass beer right there
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  16. Joe4th

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  17. chewbacca110

    Beer/horror podcast - listen everywhere

  18. MexicanGuitars

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  19. MexicanGuitars

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    Just had CBS for the first time. Any more sweet and I prob would have been turned off but at this level damn was it good
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  20. PepsiOne

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    Modern Times Dream Pop is the first milkshake IPA I’ve liked
  21. waking season

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    What are some good Modern Times beers? We just started getting them in NH.
  22. irthesteve

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    I would recommend any of their sours or barrel aged. Otherwise I'm not really into IPAs but others like them.
  23. Cameron

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    So we’re starting to roll out the resilience IPA, and at first it looked like our broad market accounts were out of luck due to the chain commitments. Though looks like they cut some of those commitments in half. So hopefully I’ll be able to try it soon.
  24. broken22


    My line up for tonight.
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  25. djwildefire


    I gotta say, Sixpoint’s Meltdown is one of the better distributed hazies out there.